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……is always such a wonderful adventure on many levels. One of which is that she’s a world class foodie and I’m a certified wanna-be foodie.  Because of this I usually let Clara pick the restaurant and accordingly, we’ve had splendid experiences.

In order to acclimate me to Japan Clara suggested we go to ‘Nobu Matsuhisa’ on La Cienega.

Further investigation on Chef Nobu’s website finds he ‘always puts something special in his ‘food-my-heart’ or KOKORO, communicating his ‘Kokuro’ in every dish he makes’.  His inventive style is known as ‘Nobu Style’.  Robert De Niro is a partner in Nobu in the Tribecca section of New York City. “Surprising dishes that are edgy, unexpected and exciting”.

Clara & I arrived at exactly the same time ready for our big adventure. Even arriving early with a reservation we were told we had the last available table!


After studying the menu I knew it was best to leave the ordering up to Clara and she had a wonderful discussion with our server wisely  settling on the chef’s recommendations.  This is called ‘Omakase’ or ‘Chef’s Choice’. We toasted to that.073

Note:  The following will be of interest only to foodies or foodie wanna-be’s such as myself. First  was a Japanese version of an ‘amuse-bouche’ and  it was absolutely delicious! Heartfelt thanks to Clara for describing every dish we had. This was a Vegetable Hand roll wrapped in seaweed.


A Sashimi of Scallop and Yellowtail arrived.  Aren’t they beautiful?  You have to just close your eyes and let them melt in your mouth.


Most interesting dish of Monkfish Pate (correct) with Caviar.


A new style of Sashimi with Salmon.


Fried White Fish.  Isn’t the presentation awesome?.


Black Cod with Miso….copied by so many others but presented in an exquisite manner here.


Sushi of: Japanese Snapper, Tuna, Albacore, Sweet Shrimp, Grilled Eel.  Loved every morsel with the exception of the raw shrimp.


Clara you’re a Master of the Art!


Warm Chocolate Soufflé Cake with you know what!


Clara photographs the Coffee Jell-O.


As I drove away, nearly blotto from the amazing dishes, this group was outside the restaurant.  I put down the car window and snapped away…..In Japan, kimono’s won’t be such a rare sight!


Thank you Clara for yet another grand adventure!

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