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…………….but not of the ‘Bowl’ variety.

Joan Marques, PhD,EdD, was the guest speaker opening the eighteenth year of Carol & Richard’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’.  (It had been my great pleasure…and privilege to be the speaker twice, once on ‘Suma the Elephant’.)


Joan was introducing   her new  book ’COURAGE In the Twenty-First Century…The Art of Successful Job Transition’.  I’m completely in awe of Joan and it’s a joy to be used as the illustrator for her wise and thought provoking books.

022  Joan and hubby William share a quiet moment before her talk.


During Joan’s insightful presentation I read excerpts from ‘Life is a Jewel…Haikus for Inner Growth’.


……and also from ‘101 PEBBLES to get you through the day’.


Carol’s beautiful tribute to Joan. I just got the iPhone 5s so my photographs will be 100% better! (Sooooooooooo excited!)


There were about 80 enthralled listeners and I managed a couple of shots.



Joan you truly are amazing!


Here’s Edward Lee Goldstein, author of ‘The Male Thing Explained’ and one of mom’s favorite peeps!


And of course I can’t leave out Duchess, Carol and Richard’s beautiful German Shepherd who was saying goodbye at the gate.


Remember I said ‘Super Sunday’?  Indeed!!! Next, after a stop at mom’s it was down to the Music Center to meet Marsha and Stu.  I had mentioned on Friday how I was determined to see Christopher Plummer at the Ahmanson….Marsha read the reviews and they drove up from Newport Beach to meet me.


The simple stage setting ( the lighting changed on it and from time to time various images appeared).


This was a one man show at it’s finest and for me, an experience of a lifetime.  Plummer was magnificent talking about all manner of things and employing several marvelous accents….even speaking in French.  There was a hoot & holler from the audience when he mentioned a particular bar in New York where he, Richard Burton & Dylan Thomas would get soused.  I’m wild for Dylan Thomas and have a recording of him reading ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales’ and play it every Christmas!  You can hear it on YouTube. Sit back with a cup of tea and be ready to listen to something truly wonderful.

111   After the performance we headed for Kendall’s Brasserie where I devoured a fillet with pommes frites….so fast there’s no photo.  I’m such a carnivore.

This apple torte is a must order so carmelly good.



Thank you Marsha and Stu for treating me to such a wonderful day! It really was SUPER!

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