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…..have gladdened my heart all week.  This is such an exquisite creation and those of you who were at mom’s 100th certainly remember her 818.625.5243


Amazing isn’t it!

Class in the studio was wonderful especially so with Clara able to come.  Most Saturdays she’s a docent at the Getty Villa!


Kathy did beautifully….here’s her Wisteria painting when we were discussing the placement of a  tendril….


How wonderful to see Lucia….here she is, at the ‘Sweet’ table with Lizzie! Lucia showed me a book she had compiled from our awesome trip to China & will make me a copy…I’m so excited!


Just time to change and drive over to Sandie & Jim’s.  I thought this book would be perfect to read to little Jakey.  Love Wegman!


Dinner was delicious (no surprise) and here’s the yummy lamb stew.  Reminder to self….get recipe.


When you get right down to it, isn’t it all about the desert? Note the Raspberry Coulis from Julianne’s and the pitcher of awesome caramel sauce…..we got the very last spoonful out of it!


Time to head out to the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena for a stirring Beethoven 9th concert.


This cello player really got a workout!033

A beautiful evening!


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