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I’m from Chicago…need I say more?  But just to rub it in that all Angelino’s are softies, this from Tom, our resident Master Calligrapher.” I was raised in Hong Kong where there were typhoons & heavy rains.  The school busses were always asked to open the windows so they would not be blown into the ocean.  Needless to say, the kids on the busses always got soaked!”

When there was a break in the weather, Kita got to go out and greet the mailman.


Meanwhile…..I started work on a very large scroll.  This was Monday’s progress.


A trip to Pavilions was a pleasant surprise because they’re going in the direction of Whole Foods.


This is the store that’s a block away from the Equestrian Center.  Three guesses who these are for.


When there was a break in the weather Mary Beth came by for our little pony’s romp in the park. Only trouble is she never wants to get back home.


It was so beautiful that afternoon.


Then the rain came back and Vicki devised a get up for Kita….this wasn’t easy.


All set?


O.K., out you go!


Sweet Lynne came by (Yes, in the rain.) and brought wonderful Yellow chunks from Agnes. Thank you dear Lynne! Kita always expects a Greenie from Lynne but settled on the Lickety Stick!


Gamboge X 3.


We played ‘grown-up’ and had tea!


By the end of the week I had finished the scroll and enlisted Kim’s help in hanging it in the studio. (Told you it was large.)


Still on a rainy day schedule so there was lots of indoor soccer playing.


I was referee but had one eye on a favorite, ‘Happy Feet ll’.  Love this little guy!  Especially when he sang at  the end.


Nikka took a wonderful photo of Tom and the Calligraphy class on Saturday.  Note to self:  Ask her how she got that great wide shot.


Meanwhile, I drove to Sierra Madre (in the rain) to meet precious Lisa who had the most amazing surprise/gift for me.  First dinner….


Thank you dear heart….there are no words….


Wait till you hear/see what happened in my next adventure.

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