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……..planned a perfect get together to give us final instructions for our adventure in Japan.  She had goodie bags for all the travelers.


….and sushi, tea and various munchies.


I love a tea party! ‘Old Imari’ was the closest I could get to anything ‘Japanese’!


The cutest part was Lynne’s dressing up as a Geisha.  We’re going to be able to do this in Japan…..make-up & all.  (Ladies only of course!!!)


When everyone arrived we settled down to bombard Lynne with questions and share travel information.  Everyone in the group offered suggestions and it was great fun.  (I even had ZEN music on.)115

Snacking and talking, my idea of a great time!


And here we all are…..excitedly awaiting our March 23rd departure for JAPAN!


Pam had suggested we’d get the best exchange rate at The World Trade Center so on Thursday Miss Judith, Eileen and I went downtown with a yen for some Yen!


Now who’s bright idea was this?  Good thing there’s an escalator!


We have arrived!154

Hand over your cash!


Russell was so accommodating!  He ran out of Yen and went to the ‘Yen Store’ and got some more for me.


While we waited in the coffee shop, Miss Judith managed to get me addicted to ‘Scratchers’ as she immediately had winnings.


It’s always good to sign off with food don’t you think?  Especially when it’s a yummy chocolate muffin from dear Amanda!!!


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