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It seems like a month ago that Tomiko & I met for dinner (natch) at Bar Verde but it was just last Sunday evening. I think she has gotten tired of my taking pictures of her and whatever she’s eating so it was her turn.


Tuesday John-David came over and we discussed events for , a worthy 501 (c) (3) non profit organization that empowers cancer patients and survivors through the creative process.  They offer a variety of artistic & inspiring classes…all free of charge.  Check it out!


Next day Lisa came over & we had more business talk.


Stopped at ‘The Healthy Traveler’ in Pasadena for a measles inoculation.  Probably completely unnecessary….oh well.


Now I found this a most strange and interesting coincidence.  I met two dogs this week that are therapy dogs but not the usual kind.  They are for people with emotional issues.The first one was Emis, a Shiba Enu, (the smallest of the 6 original Spitz breeds of dogs from Japan)….similar but smaller (ha) than the Akita.  Emis is allowed everywhere with her master, especially on plane flights.


The second doggie was Boomer, a little Pomeranian fluff, also a Spitz, that reminds her mistress to take her medication.  Can you imagine?


Class Saturday was wonderful.  I used Kathy’s two magnificent Plum studies from the previous week as examples.


Hard at work!


Yea Violet!


It was also Kim’s birthday and Nikka baked him a cake (from the Cheesecake Factory)!


Kita reminded me to tell you she does clean up well and here’s the proof after a day at the Spa!


Trudy was delighted!


What a great week!

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