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…..and it was the cover story!


We were favored with a ‘tour’ after lunch but more on that later.

Lucia went to China with us and it has been a great joy to have her sweetness in my life.  Sunday I was invited over for an intimate luncheon before leaving for Japan. Hi Lucia….I’m going to be slightly annoying as I have a need to photograph everything.  Just pretend I’m not here.


I was delighted to see dear friend Molly, in from Mexico for a month.  We had planned to get together and this worked out perfectly.074

I’m so proud of Molly….she had completed this large mural in Mexico in a home for precious orphans.

108 We had ‘Shirley Temple’s’ with little umbrellas.  Love it! Cynthia, I promise not to take more than 100 pictures!


While still in the kitchen (favorite gathering spot) I spied this charming collection of wall clocks!

079 These delicious yummies are from Trader Joe’s.  Warm cheesy little things with sweet onions atop them.  Note to self:  Must get!


Wish I had a better photo of this table, it’s so curvy and beautiful!  Very creative.


Maybe you can tell from this angle.


Up close.


So love this touch!


Now who would be brave enough to tackle a souffle for a luncheon (O.K. Sandie, but that’s it!) I had seconds of this cheesy yumminess. The recipe is in ‘Cook’s Magazine.


So cute!107 A lovely flan for desert with beautiful fresh fruit…..

130  Time for the tour. Lucia is telling us about this magnificent piece she discovered on a trip to China (before ours). It’s a wonderful accent to the very modern, pristine space.


Oh I nearly forgot….I LOVE this ‘dog’ table and the piece above it! I definitely think humor & ‘modern’ go together….don’t you?


This painting is quite large and my photo does not do it justice.  I have to say it really ‘grew’ on me.


On to the study….notice anything?


Give up?

Wait for it….

Wait for it…..



And here’s where Lucia works…


What I so love is that everything has a deep and personal story to it….

This piece is so magnificent.  Custom built, completely hand made by an artisan, the wood is so beautiful and the workmanship….oh my…


An original Corita…how I loved her work…and still do!


A perfect way to close this blog is with this magnificent painting by Lucia….isn’t it grand!!!


Thank you dear Lucia for a memorable afternoon!

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