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We had a 2.5 hour drive to Nikko National Park with the first stop being Toshogu Shrine with the Yomeimon Gate. Yomeimon Gate is also called Higurashino-mon or ‘The Gate Where People Stop to Look’. It was evident why this is designated as a national treasure.

Miss Judith uses the golden bowl for the purification ceremony before entering.

Amazing details……

Bonnie is feeling the energy from the trees while Pam sees a great photo opp….

Hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil…..good plan!

We then took Irohazaka Road, as it zigzagged along with it’s….hold your breath….scary, sharp curves, to Lake Chuzenji. And yes, that’s snow!

We arrived just as the fire crew was holding a drill (almost 8,000 feet above sea level.)  They were the cutest.

Time for lunch…..fresh trout caught just this morning.

This was my view for lunch……..

On to Kegon Waterfall, one of the 3 greatest in Japan, near Lake Chuzenji…..this water falls powerfully straight down and takes your breath away!

Inspiration for a painting!

The ‘plan’ was to get back in time to change for our dinner at one of the most famous sushi restaurants in Japan and possibly the world!  However…..there was an accident ahead on the road back and we had to take an alternative route and go directly to Kyubey in  the elegant Ginza district. It’s not unusual for VIP’s to use their private jets to bring this sushi master for a private dinner anywhere in the world!  In this tony district and restaurant, we arrived looking like bedragled farmers but somehow it didn’t matter.  This was a sublime meal of a lifetime!

Boyd was deep in conversation with Charlie and Bonnie while Wilbur and Pam are engaging our sushi master.  Meanwhile, Miss Judith presented our sushi master with a sketch she did of him along with an invitation to come visit when in California.  It was all so charming!

The adventure continues….wait ’till you hear about the next day!!!

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