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Toshogu Shrine with Yomeimon Gate in Nikko designated as national treasures or Important Cultural Properties.  (A mixture of Shinto & Buddhist styles.)

Meiji Shrine….( a Shinto Shrine).
The Snow Monkeys in Yudanaka.  I took the day off but word is that everyone loved this.
The Great Buddha of  Kamakura on the grounds of the Kotokuin Temple.
The Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu Shrine, also in Kamakura.
The Hase Temple of the Jodo sect.
Hakone Open Air Museum.
Hkone Woodblock Museum.
The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, the Ryoanji Rock Garden, the Ninjo Castle Sanjusangendo Hall and Kiyomizu Temple….all in Kyoto.

Kongobu-ji Temple, Daito pagoda, Okuno-in and the Tokugawa Mausoleum….all visited by the hale & hearty travelers during the gale on Mt. Koya

Oh Horacio there are so many stories…..

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