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…… is located on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, CA. Many of you will remember the Dec. 2010- Jan.’11 exhibit in the ‘Shumei Hall Gallery’ showing my gifted students Brush paintings.  Jane Imai, one of the founders, was so very kind to us that when she asked if I would participate in the celebration for ‘Pasadena’s 100th Birthday Party’ I was delighted to say yes! Here’s lovely Jane at the ‘Shumei Arts’ table, set up to greet guests at the Pasadena Museum of History on Sunday.


My table was perfectly sized with lots of room for everything and I quickly set up. 


Thoughtful Jane brought yummy sandwiches and refreshments for us.


The Shumei Arts Council also sponsored a table for Origami that was very popular and many cranes were created! On September 19th thru November 19th 2014 there will be an Origami Exhibit at Shumei Hall Gallery featuring three of the most renowned Origami artists in the country. Don’t Miss it!


Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘10,000 hours’ theory always serves me in good stead as I know the routine by now after way more time spent than that!  I had dozens of sheets of paper in manageable sizes and for each person coming to my table I would paint a Bamboo branch.


I guess you know what comes next.  I would hold the persons hand and we’d do 5 leaves and then ask if they would like to try it themselves.  What fun!  Everyone loved it and after they completed their masterpiece I put a red ‘Happiness’ mood seal on their painting.  Oh joy!!!



One visitor was so enthralled she painted Bamboo culms and all! With these cuties watching!


Here’s Wafic Khalil, Editor in Chief, from  I’m not quite sure what was going on here….but he had so much fun he interview me later. If you go to: I’m the 4th photograph as you scroll down.


In between peeps I worked on this. It was a good way to show everyone how to do leaves but not so good for the composition!


Time for birthday cake!  Remember I said it was a celebration of Pasadena’s 100th!


And Ice Cream……


This girl was soooooo adorable! The Historical Society hired her to spread joy about!!! Don’t you love the shoes???


You all know I’m a big dog gal but although it’s hard to believe, I had a little Scottie years ago.  Whenever I  see a ‘Westie’ (West Highland White) I go about as crazy as when I see an Akita or St. Bernard.  Amazingly there were two different Westies that day and I saw another two driving home. Can this fellow be any cuter? (Well yes, when his tail is up but I missed that shot.)


It was a wonderful day and I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!

Shumei Arts Council of America

2430 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91107


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