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………has been dear to my heart for as long as I can remember.  Sandie Girl notice my ‘Winnie the Pooh’ book in the studio and commented about it.


Happily I said that “Pooh Bear’ has traveled through life with me and how much I love him….This was overheard by Diane Dennis who shocked and amazed us ……her husband Peter being THE official voice of Pooh! In fact he was ‘Pooh’s Ambassador Extraordinary’ having done audio recordings of the complete works of all the Pooh stories and that was what brought them to the States from England! Diane always carries a CD or two with her and gifted me with one. Now how amazing is that!!! Eileen, another Pooh addict, couldn’t wait and ordered the complete set on line during class. After class I went on line to the only official Winnie-The-Pooh website which is licensed to ‘Peter Dennis’ by the Pooh trustees….. where you can order all Pooh recordings. Even more delightful, all the CD’s have original E.H. Shepard drawings on them.


Can you even imagine how excited I am?  Diane brought the 10 Complete unabridged Stories and 44 Verses that I had ordered to class the following week!  She also brought this delightful pamphlet ‘A Short History of Winnie-the-Pooh & Friends’ written by Peter….oh joy!


I worked in the studio all afternoon and guess what I listened to????

“Isn’t it funny

How a bear likes honey!”

Here’s lovely Diane with Ava during class on Saturday.


And for more class ‘cute’…..Laurie Pie with Kc.


Ava noticed a little bug on the top of a cabinet and as promised, he was captured after class…


…..and released into the garden to live his little buggy life.  I just hope he doesn’t eat too much!


I must backtrack at this point.  On Monday I met Lizzie Girl at Panera Bread in NoHo for lunch.


As we share a deep love of Pooh, I gave Lizzie the CD from Diane (knowing I’d get the complete set in a few days.)  She was delighted and I felt wonderful. After lunch we saw the best, best movie….’Chef’ and loved all the fantastic food porn!



And so goes the week…’May you always be playing!’

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