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After having the awesomely amazing wondrous Lisa See talk to our group in the studio….being sated by yummies from Jane Windsor at Anyone for Tea and surrounded by Amy’s beautiful flowers ( it’s hard to even begin to regain a sense of normalcy.

Fortunately Trudy was back from her 52 day jaunt in Europe and not a day to soon for Kita. 

IMG 8824

And not a day too soon for the rest of us as Trudy always brings back those amazing european chocolates. I see someone got into them already….wonder who….

IMG 8840

 These are dark chocolate ‘leaves’.  Quite thin and of course quite healthy!

 IMG 8834

 Dear Amy knows my love of borscht and had her sweet mother-in-law whip up a ton for me.  It’s one of those ‘everything goes in the pot’ so that it’s healthier than the chicken soup standby.  Can you see how big that pot is???

IMG 8851

 Oh Amy you are the dearest!

IMG 8857

 Did I mention the dolmas?  Amy thought I did a better job of sour cream decorating last time but I was in a hurry to get to it!  The sweet roasted peppers were sublime!

IMG 8859

 I’m not sure what this was other than yummy.  Amy whipped it up just for me. I am sooooo spoiled!!! 

IMG 8862

 Then it’s time to adjourn to the living room, sit back, relax and enjoy some of that very healthy european tea.

IMG 8870

 You’ve met Mia.  She gets a lot of likes and comments on Facebook!

IMG 8892

 Of course Kita is jealous and always wonders why I come home smelling like other four legged pals.

 IMG 8928

 Never mind that….all is forgiven….where’s the bacon!

IMG 8924

 Maria came over to say goodbye before a years sabbatical in Brazil.  She had her dressmaker make this charming skirt from a 100 year old sheet of her grandmother’s which she then dyed aqua.

IMG 8938

 Imagine, over 100 and looking good including the initials. Sounds like someone we know and love.

IMG 8939

 Why oh why did we take on every single project in the office?  Please….don’t answer that!  The three cabinets in the background are being completely re-organized and add to the chaos.  My lap top is in front of the new iMac and I have no idea what Nikka is doing with it.  The old PC was still at the Staples hospital.

IMG 8956

 This is the calm in the eye of the storm as Kim moved the iMac into the dining room so Nikka could work on scanning large (32 X40) works on the new and totally wonderful scanner.

IMG 8964

 I have no idea how any of this is done but love looking at the results!

IMG 8997

 Our attempt at doggie protection. 

IMG 8967

 Love, love, love the new Cannon printer.  It’s wireless and you would laugh to watch/hear me in the office bellowing to Nikka in the dining room.

IMG 8988

 About that time Mary Beth came by to pick up her business cards and try to explain to Kita that they weren’t going to the park.  Lots of luck with that Mary Beth.

IMG 8972

 Sandie Girl and I loved Gone Girl but she should confess that she shut her eyes quite a bit & asked me what was going on.  If you think that’s funny, how about a week later when I told Sandie that I had seen Gone Girl the week before and then stared at her as I realized it was with her.  Eeeeee gads!!!

IMG 9003

 We met Dr. Jim afterwards and I didn’t have the heart to drag them to Bar Verde again.  Besides, it’s just not the same without Chef Lauren and I suspect my 3-4 times a week there are over.  Off we went to Le Pain Quotidien.

IMG 9009


 I opted for the frittata……

IMG 9011

 While Jim got the charcuterie plate and Sandie had beautiful soup…..

IMG 9013

 Then home to binge watch House of Cards.  Don’t know if I like where it ended.  Any fans out there???

IMG 9016

 Still surrounded by Amy’s beauty….

IMG 9026

Meanwhile at the Huntington it was ‘Orchidtober Fest’ time……

IMG 9053

Please note:  Stay out of the way of the orchid people.  They are serious and will fight you for a cart.  Wilbur and Ralph finally hunted one down for me.

IMG 9030

They really do a wonderful job of setting up…….

IMG 9040


Showcasing some lovely arrangements…..

IMG 9050

Class was so much fun….we covered a lot….started out with the Japanese Maple and then did Mums, pumpkins and loquats….oh my!

IMG 9039


 Checked out the new Trader Joe’s in Glendale on Brand.

IMG 9055

Along with a puppy in training for Guide Dogs of America.  His two years are just about up and now for the hard core training. 

IMG 9063

 Saw cute Sue and Steve W. there……

IMG 9078

…..and decided to get take out for mom and Nikka at Recess…… 

IMG 9083

 Next morning….time for Nikka and me to do some serious work so we needed to be fortified by Portos.  Their cheese rolls are soooooo good!

IMG 9085

 Kita did a good beg for a roll…….

IMG 9086

 After a very long day who are you gonna’ call????  Gourmet 88 for the best ever Chinese Food.

IMG 9094

 Next day Amy brought this exquisite orchid arrangement for Lynne T.

IMG 9095

And this lovely gem for me….I was so touched it was difficult to focus back on class. 

IMG 9113

 Here’s another look at that orchid before Lynne picked it up on Sunday.  Hope your week is as beautiful!!!

IMG 9121




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