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… a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers cancer patients and survivors through the creative process.  They offer a variety of artistic and inspiring classes, ranging from painting and photography to dance and writing and everything is free of charge!  I’ve blogged about them before and hopefully you have decided to support this worthy group.  For now, let me give you a little more background as to how this amazing organization came into being.

John-David Perry is the founder and you’re thinking…hmmmm…Perry, that sounds familiar.  Yes indeed!  John is the son of our dear Lizzie A.K.A. Elizabeth, and when she went through her cancer journey John-David was inspired to start this non profit knowing from the inside out what sufferers most need.  Healing through the creative arts.  John-David, a Harvard University Fellow, armed  with his Masters in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon used all of his training to not only create this wonderful vision but he has gathered the most amazing support team around himself and this brilliant concept!  I tell Lizzie that John-David is a people magnet and that’s exactly so and what’s needed to pull something like this off.

Now here’s a really amazing vision… in find a need and fill it!  John-David and his team have designed a line of clothing with clever openings for chemo ports so that the patient does not need to disrobe for treatment!  Awesome right???  The clothing is part of a new for-profit company, THE ELIOT PROJECT, and a portion of the sales proceeds will help fund ELIZABETH’S CANVAS art classes.  Even more awesome!!!

All day Wednesday supporters and survivors showed up at a beautiful estate in Beverly Hills for a photo shoot and to be interviewed for the campaign which will introduce this new clothing line.

I met Lizzie at Bloomies in Sherman Oaks and armed with two smoothies, off we went.

Lizzie selected this top to model right off and I’ll show you more of it later…..

IMG 9404

I nabbed this scarf and had such fun with it… I’ll get the photos next week and show you my escapades. (Note the smoothie!)

IMG 9426

Can you believe I was told I didn’t need to get hair and makeup done?  It’s true! Mostly because I was just modeling that scarf!

IMG 9424

These three are the cutest…part of the INTELLIGENCE group, a firm that creates formidable brand strategy, identity design & websites, packaging and P.R.   And oh so many things….they are really cutting edge.  

I hope you check out their website

They’re at 7176 W. Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.  

Any questions?  They interviewed me and I bet they were thinking ‘How do we turn her off????’

IMG 9435

Here’s Lizzie being interviewed….

IMG 9611

Part of the Elizabeth’s Canvas team hard at work…..

IMG 9581

IMG 9444

John-David….always working!

IMG 9575

IMG 9473


Notes for one of the designs….

IMG 9635

O.K., everyone….pick your garment…

IMG 9517

Lots more to choose from here….

IMG 9513

Lizzie got talked into makeup (which I honestly didn’t think she needed) as after all, she’s the raison d’être of the whole thing!

IMG 9510

O.K. Girl….do your thing…..See why this was such a great shirt to model?  It really shows how port accessible it is.  And sooooo comfy!

IMG 9526

IMG 9553


O.K., lets see what we’ve got so far…

IMG 9539

I love theses photos of Lizzie and John-David……I get happy just looking at them!

IMG 9558

IMG 9559

IMG 9562

Moving on, here’s Bob, a cancer survivor with his lovely daughter….

IMG 9588

We had a chance to talk to him later and what a fine gentleman…he got hit with a double whammy including breast cancer.

IMG 9572

And the models kept coming….

IMG 9506

IMG 9493

IMG 9468

IMG 9466

I want to introduce you to the amazing photographer Kate Hauschka who spent the entire day tirelessly working on this shoot.  She has a gifted eye and the patience of a saint!


International Photographer


IMG 9501

Let’s remember what is most important of all…..

A Cause to Create


Be sure to check out the website, don’t miss Elizabeth’s touching story and why not order some farm made soap for Christmas gifts while you’re there.

Enjoy each precious moment and take in all of life’s beauty!

IMG 9614

Up Close!

IMG 9613

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