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…..on Saturday as the very first author to break ground on Vroman’s Bookstore’s ‘WALK OF FAME’.  This inaugural dedication to Lisa celebrated Vroman’s 120th anniversary!

Grauman Theater’s very own cement artist Sassan Shakoori prepared the area.

IMG 0191

Lisa said that Sassan had her practice earlier and that the writing was a bit like Brush painting!

IMG 0200

First her hands…….. 

IMG 0201

Lisa was delighted that her wedding ring showed up in the cement!

IMG 0202

Soooooo cute!

IMG 0207

And now for the signature….If you go to and type in Lisa See + Vromans you can watch a delightful video of this that we posted.  You’ll love seeing Lisa dot the ‘i’ !

IMG 0210

Bravo Lisa!

IMG 0214

I was thrilled and moved beyond description  to witness this!

IMG 0192

Now let’s hear it for the cake!

IMG 0216

Congratulations Lisa and Happy Birthday Vroman’s!

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