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….was planned by lovely Maria Baird.  That meant my shopping for the perfect gift at Bloomingdale’s with tremendous help from Sedik Tarvirdian.  This woman is pure gold!

IMG 9661


IMG 9659

O.K., back to Friday night and the main event.  Evvy, our hostess, was hard at work when I arrived.  She prepared an entire Thanksgiving dinner all by herself, did the decorations, frosted the cake and out did Martha Stuart as a Domestic Goddess!

IMG 0057

Here’s the cake, awaiting it’s big moment! This was a team effort.  Maria baked the cake and as I mentioned, Evvy frosted it!

IMG 0062

Kristen was also early and a far better help in the kitchen than I.

IMG 0060

The table was beautiful….

IMG 0162

And the dinner…..perfection.  I have to say Evvy’s stuffing is even better than mine.

IMG 0161

O.K., everythings ready so Evvy can catch her breath with little Body.

IMG 0153


IMG 0090

I mean really….surprise!!! Evvy even made this darling floral crown for Bridget.

IMG 0108

IMG 0111

Get the Kleenex….

IMG 0093

IMG 0117

IMG 0116

A big hug for sweet Diana.

IMG 0122

Adorable Christy!

IMG 0125

Christy’s precious son Wyatt…….

IMG 0112

I think Maria’s beautiful poem was almost too much for our girl who nearly lost it all over again!….

IMG 0146

Maria, you’re just lovely!

IMG 0147

And Paloma is the cutest by far!!!

IMG 0188

Let’s hear it for the cake…..Make a wish Birthday Girl!

IMG 0183

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