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……started with seeing ’The Trip to Bountiful’ at the Ahmanson with Tomiko.  I had to change the tickets so many times we wound up seeing the last performance which I think is actually a good thing to do.  It’s always bittersweet for the performers and they seem to give just that extra bit to make it memorable.

IMG 9721

Somehow we had the best seats ever! Everyone was eager to see Cicley Tyson!

IMG 9732

O.K. Priorities…..Isn’t dinner always the main event???  I had been wanting to try out Roy Choi’s ‘Commissary’ at the Line Hotel 3515 Wilshire in Korea Town so off we went.  Fun to be greated by Hello Kitty!

IMG 9738

IMG 9739


IMG 9742

O.K., enough of that.  The Commissary resembles a glass domed conservatory.

IMG 9752

Fun with the hostess!

IMG 9770


IMG 9772

They have great drinks but you’ll be served one in a plastic cup.  Tomiko insisted on a proper glass!

IMG 9775

The point and order menu…

IMG 9773

It’s worth a trip there just for the carrots… get a little bag of seeds when you enter (or leave).

IMG 9776

Corn was good…

IMG 9778

Burger so so…

IMG 9781

Not quite sure what the floating balloons were about….

IMG 9782

We checked out Pot, the Korean BBQ on the main floor. 

IMG 9796

….and there’s also a Cafe where you can get pastry take outs…

IMG 9798

That Tuesday I had business downtown and checked out the new construction….

IMG 9804

Nikka is working on a flyer for Mary Beth. I took a gazillion photos trying to get a great shot… Kita looks at her sooooo adoringly!

IMG 9855

IMG 9888

Running out of treats after an hour of this!

IMG 9923

Watch for this commercial from Messenger…it’s soooo adorable…love it!

IMG 9949

Laurie & Michael here from Rhode Island for their yearly Christmas card creations in the studio.  Always so much fun!

IMG 9971

Got this too cute book for Nikka (and Emma) after seeing the long line of peeps waiting for a book signing at Barnes & Noble (Americana).

IMG 0013

And got this one for me!

IMG 0045

IMG 0046

Thoughtful Chef Kathy always treats me with persimmons from her mom’s tree.  Thank you Kathy!

IMG 0043

Nikka got corn dogs for lunch…how could I resist?

IMG 0050

So you already know about the armed robbery but I bet you don’t know the fellons got $1,500,000.00 in cash!  We had a visit from 4 plain clothes detectives and I crossed the line by telling them how much we loved them AND the firemen.  Nikka asked how could I say that!

IMG 0219

Oh well….On the bright side, Sweet Sandie Girl came over to work again on a Christmas card.  We had planned on going to Bar Verde later but it got so late I brought out the cold cuts for sandwiches and we watched Orange is the New Black….Now we’re totally polluted but it was fun!

IMG 0235

Next day Lizzie & I went to see ‘Birdman’ at the Laemlle No Ho.  Lunch first….

IMG 0247

We loved it and Michael Keaton is a revelation! It’s a great ensemble cast and the speech Emma Stone gives to her ‘father’ is a work of acting art!  Jach Galifinakis and Edward Norton also a marvel.

IMG 0250

Afterwards we went to the Coffee Bean and I had to tell these guys what I said to the police about loving the firemen.  Oh they thought that was just great!  Eddie is on the left, 41, single with 3 kids and the fireman on the right is single no children.  Anyone interested??? They’re great guys!

IMG 0254

Time to drive to Americana to meet Sandie at Bar Verde…..I won’t even get on a scale anymore!

IMG 0260

More foodie stuff…

Met Jane Windsor ( at Freds, the new restaurant in Barneys for lunch.  Food was dreadful and overpriced, company delightful!

IMG 0275

I had Clara join us so I could rub it in about her missing the tea event for Lisa See.

IMG 0283

Then Clara’s long time friend who since moved to Panama, joined us……

IMG 0287

You know we had to do this…

IMG 0285

6 hours at Barneys and I had to pay $18. even with a validation….eeee gads!

Next day to continue the eating orgy Trudy took me to Recess Eatery on Brand….

IMG 0295

IMG 0297

It was soooo good I took Marsha Ramos there the next day.  (I’m suspecting things could be out of control.)

IMG 0308

Great fun to have Priscilla in from Arizona and she’s going to try and make at least two classes a year!

IMG 0319

Everyone did a great job working on Christmas cards….

IMG 0327

Love this photo of Amy and Diane…..

IMG 0331

Great work Amy!

IMG 0340

Violet always makes these great gifts towards the end of class…

IMG 0342

The two cuties,Mireya and Quyen with oranges for the teacher!

IMG 0317

And love this Snowy Bamboo from Clara….

IMG 0383



You know there had to be a movie and food to end the week so Clara and I headed to Americana after class.

IMG 0367

First dinner at Din Tai Fung.  I recommended the amazing pork dumplings and the green beans but Clara took over for the rest.

IMG 0353

IMG 0354

IMG 0364

IMG 0356


We saw ‘St. Vincent and I must say Bill Murray was brilliant as was the young boy…..we loved it…bring Kleenex!

IMG 0380

I’m off now to raid the refrigerator….I think there’s the remains of something yummy from Recess.  Have a great week and remember…

IMG 0298










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