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I can’t believe two weeks have gone by since I entered a blog.  There seems to be a fog of memory that has settled down and that’s why I’m so grateful for all the photos I take.  I know it must drive you all crazy….no eating allowed until a photo has been taken and my capturing all the little moments but you might want to consider doing the same.  It’s a wonderful way to diary without having all the bla bla that’s needed and so I shall continue.  Thoughts?


Back to Thanksgiving.  Thanks to the disastrous prescription given to Sir Charles by the ‘fill in doctor’, he was unable to get out of bed or hardly even open his eyes.  Lots of drama along with that and my main job was keeping the ship afloat.  So, the decision was made to do the bird and carry on.  Now here’s the amazing fact…..I had not ordered the usual….’give me your most expensive and largest hen’ at Whole Foods’…….

IMG 0516

….Instead, I waited until Wednesday to grab any bird hanging out at Trader Joe’s!  They had three left…..Not having high hopes I grabbed one and Thursday morning Vicki and I went to work.

IMG 0550

Kita’s always ready to help!

IMG 0552

The special Black Truffle Sea Salt from Miss Judith was put to good use!

IMG 0555

O.K., stuff that bird and send it on it’s way!

IMG 0557

I really hate to brag but I am the queen of stuffing and lately I’ve been getting help from a few things at Whole Foods.

IMG 0564

IMG 0566

Almost finished….

IMG 0568

I always simmer the neck, giblets, and liver with onions & celery to have a base for the gravy.  Don’t you?  Anyway, I can tell if the turkey will be tender when I have the neck (love it) for lunch.  Well, this was amazing, the most tender, juiciest neck ever….just delicious and I knew we’d have a sensational bird  Turns out I had never purchased a ‘brined turkey’ which this was and it’s opened up a whole new world to me.  I suppose you all knew that already as you’re all so smart!

I was so happy Charles could have a little taste even though he had to stay in bed.

IMG 0571

I think this was my second helping!  Eeeee gads….out of control!

IMG 0572

Dessert was simple….Collins Street Fruitcake with whipped cream……

IMG 0576

After a huge amount of ‘help from my friends’  (Yea Beatles) I had Vicki and Kim stop the RX and Charles was not only able to open his eyes but sit up and eventually get back to our routine!  Yippee!!

IMG 0548

Saturday’s class in the studio was wonderful.  Laurie Pie brought her artwork that she will be exhibiting.

IMG 0586

IMG 0588

Here’s the info.  Please let me know if you plan on going.

IMG 0744l

I had gotten this Danish Kringle at Trader Joe’s…..

IMG 0581

…..and it was sooooo good Nikka brought some up for the class!

IMG 0590

Sunday’s with Sandie.  Always the BEST!  This time it was mounting her beautiful paintings….

IMG 0609

IMG 0600

IMG 0602

….and catching up with some Nespresso cappuchino!

IMG 0607

So, after a couple of weeks of drama, drama, drama, it was time for a Bloomie’s fix with Mary and lots of catching up.  You’re looking at her plate, I had exactly the same & can’t believe I finished it off & then had an ‘extra thick’ smoothie!

IMG 0642


I know how happy everyone is with the rain….Vicki fashioned a coat for puppy….tres chic!

IMG 0619

And then it was time for a little dancing….

IMG 0630

Someone please tell me why Kita is so over the moon about our mailman!  He’s the only one she doesn’t jump on but waits patiently for his greeting.

IMG 0737

The tree trimmers came by….

IMG 0648

As did Edgar, Charles assigned PT.  We love him!!!

IMG 0727

Wishing you a GOLDEN week!

IMG 0733

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