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… the Moss Theatre in Santa Monica was quite the evening! Sweet Lisa B. picked me up at mom’s and we were on our way, stoked to join the maddening crowd on the  freeway to somewhere if it would become a highway and not a parking lot!  We had planned to meet Amy an hour early but there we were….in a standstill on the #5!

IMG 1120

What’s that about the best made plans?  We decided to just meet Amy at the event…..

IMG 1125

How cute is this…..

IMG 1127

And here’s our dear Amy…..(It was cold out…I had to do it….those little creatures were shaved to make my jacket….right????)

IMG 1133

Who else would take a photo of people’s shoes?  Just saying……Amy and Lisa’s shoes….

IMG 1138

The Three Musketeers….

IMG 0013 copy

Amy made the glorious arrangements on each table….

IMG 1126

I wasn’t able to get a good photograph of this ‘special’ arrangement as it’s so magnificent one would have to take shots from a dozen angles to capture it.  Or have a decent camera besides the ever ready iPhone!

IMG 1139

Here’s our host….Reza Ardekani who’s in charge of all things Farhang.

IMG 1148

We were so happy to see Homa, Reza’s lovely mother…… back from Iran via Switzerland and Dubai.

IMG 1165

I was delighted to meet Patricia…she’s so sweet and we’re now ‘Facebook friends’.  Patricia and Reza are friends since grade school….how cute is that!

IMG 1160

Lot’s of food being passed around with me chasing after it…..if you didn’t catch someone with a tray by the time the contents got to the various tables you were out of luck..I see a hand going for it.  Lisa….could that be you???.

IMG 1150

Reza was the Master of Ceremonies and we were so very proud of him…Great job Reza and a special thank you for  shepherding us to those great seats when you had so much to look after.

IMG 1184


This group was so amazing……..IMG 1204

The percussionist was fascinating….

IMG 1208

Hamed Nikpay, singer and artiste extraordinaire was so soulfully great I ordered his CD ‘Spellbound’ on Amazon.  I was quite mad for the flamenco guitar of Alfredo Caceras as well.

IMG 1399

Afterwards there was watermelon in little cups and also cups of pomegranate seeds……great idea as it was so refreshing. The drive home was a piece of cake…Cake?  Where’s the cake?  Thank you Lisa Girl for driving and for the pleasure of your company!

IMG 1224

I got a yawn and half hearted greeting from puppy…..

IMG 1229

Remember always…..

IMG 1402

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