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 ……the sky has been ‘blossoming’ since the rain!

IMG 1065

Calligraphy class with Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow is always a wonderful way to start the month.  He gave the most interesting talk about why Calligraphers like to use those unweilding large ‘Soft’ brushes.  Because they are so difficult to handle, there’s a lot of unpredictability involved.  Happy accidents that turn the work into art!


IMG 0868

IMG 0841

We always love it when Dorothy brings one of her magnificent landscapes. This is ’Sea of Clouds.’  Tom & I are trying to convince her to use larger mats.

IMG 0831

Violet needed sugar and the yummy Marzipan from Miss Judith did the trick!

IMG 0848

All of this is well and good but what about Christmas!!!

Nikka, it’s time to trip the tree…

IMG 0805

IMG 0820

Nikka found this wonderful star for the top and surrounded it with our angels.

IMG 0955

Thanks to thoughtful Eileen we have a wreath to hang…..finding the perfect spot took a group decision and hanging it was pure teamwork.

IMG 0907

IMG 0909

IMG 0914

IMG 0980

IMG 0945

Wait ‘till you see what else we did with that wreath!  It’s a surprise……

It was great fun working with Lizzie Girl on her Christmas card.  She selected a precious little bird and it came out wonderful….sooooo happy!

IMG 0985

Someone please tell me why Kita loves to take the moss out and toss it about meanwhile ingesting some and causing problems of another kind.  You get my drift….IMG 1027

She’s hoping someone will come and rescue her from her ‘time out’!

IMG 1077

Now here’s a cute gift idea…..Happy Feet ‘As Seen on Shark Tank’!

IMG 1048


IMG 1053

 Did you get to crush any leaves?????  Soooooo fun!!!

IMG 1036

Foodie alert!  I’ve discovered the most amazing place in Toluca Lake……Olive & Thyme.  If you love Joan’s on Third you’ll feel right at home here!

IMG 0999

 Debbie & I met there for lunch and stayed until closing!

IMG 1003

The following photo’s will give you some idea of what I’m talking about!

IMG 1012

IMG 0998

IMG 1002

IMG 1021

To cap the day, making it absolutely perfect, awesome Amy came by with exquisite creations for mom & me!!!

IMG 1024

Serendipity brought me to Bloomie’s where artist Enzo Selvaggi was hand painting designs on the Jo Malone boxes……

IMG 1105

It was great fun!

IMG 1106

My wish for you…..

IMG 1403




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