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…..started out with a movie (Exodus) 

IMG 1629

and dinner at Bar Verde with Laurie Pie.

IMG 1639

IMG 1651

While meeting Flame, this adorable senior Belgium Shepherd along the way.

IMG 1648

Going home I thought a casting call went out for the largest Santa…..The white area you see is the roof line of the house!

IMG 1676

I’m so glad I got to see Amy’s tree.  Next year, have her trim yours!

IMG 1692

IMG 1703

IMG 1696

IMG 1701

Mary Beth loved hearing how our Christmas card came to be thanks to Eileen Ogle and her wreath giving!

IMG 1720

Thanks to Amy’s table decorating & Nikka’s flowers, we’re ready to party!

IMG 1733

It was wonderful having lovely Denise over to share Christmas with us….

IMG 1734

IMG 1750

We had time to chat and then mom and Nikka came…..

IMG 1749

We started off with a Brie en Croute (apple pecan) from Neiman Marcus.  Oh my, it’s all warm, creamy, cheesy goodness.  (It arrives frozen and you have to bake it in the oven.)

IMG 1742

Back to the table where some of Santa’s helpers are having a bit of fun and frivolity…..

IMG 1764

IMG 1768

IMG 1770

IMG 1772

Can you believe I didn’t cook????  First time ever and boy was I glad.  We ordered just about everything from Gourmet 88 and it was absolutely delicious! From the BBQ spareribs and fried shrimp for appetizers to the main dishes… yumminess!  You can see the Christmas Crackers which we popped before dessert and as I was the conductor, with a years practice, found the group to be vastly improved from last years chaos.IMG 1776

After all that gluttony, dessert was simple…….fruit and ice cream.

IMG 1810

 This ice cream is my new favorite.

IMG 1809

Charles loved all his presents…..IMG 1784

I especially loved my cards….Nikka finds the best, best and they’re usually musical!IMG 1794

IMG 1811

Bravo everyone!

IMG 1806

Emma gets a high five from Kita on the evenings celebrating!IMG 1814

We send you all our love wrapped up in wishes for a beautiful year to come!!!IMG 1760

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