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……was the instruction from Lizzie Girl.  John-David, her awesome son was to be married to the lovely and multi-talented Joy last Friday evening at the Four Season’s in Westlake Village.  More on the dancing later…………

I met Miss Judith & Eileen…..where their Kitty Mamma Chee  was questioning me…..

IMG 4280

It appears I’m not the only one with an amazing view…..

IMG 4282

Off we went…….

I had a terrible time taking photos.  During the reception, which was outside, the light was too low and I didn’t want to use my flash…it’s sooooo annoying for others.

 Here’s Lizzie Girl, beautiful mother of the groom with Miss Judith and Eileen….

IMG 4291

Hmmmmm…..what did I miss?

IMG 4305

Always food….….

IMG 4302

These wonderful ahi-tuna amuse-bouche were a take off on the little cones that are presented at The French Laundry in Yountville. And no, I didn’t eat all of them!

IMG 4301



Surfer Dude Justin presided over the ceremonies.  Everyone is appalled that I call him ‘Surfer Dude’ as he is a full professor at Harvard and I am always corrected.  (But guys, he does love to surf!)

How precious to watch this beautiful couple take their vows……

IMG 4359

These delightful party favors contained chocolate and our seating numbers….

IMG 4286

One of the beautiful tables….

IMG 4285

Here’s ours…..

IMG 4319

IMG 4345

The following few photos for foodies only…..

IMG 4480

IMG 4418


IMG 4448

Are you waiting for dessert???

IMG 4464

I love this picture of Miss Judith….just wish it were sharper…..

IMG 4384

Here’s Cutie Eileen……

IMG 4415

Of course Mr. & Mrs. Perry, the handsome couple, went around and greeted everyone including yours truly…

IMG 4442

Lizzie’s brother is seated to the left and Joy’s parents are next to Lizzie….

IMG 4409

O.K., so what about the dancing’ you ask.  Well, keep in mind that I had a class the next day so as much as I would have loved to I sat it out.  Eileen however is quite the Dancing Queen as is Lizzie! It was great fun to watch but I missed some good shots…….

This is what has to happen when you dance!!!

IMG 4468


Thank you dear Lizzie for including me in this memorable evening……I shall always cherish it in my heart as I do your friendship!

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