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When I saw Kathabela last Saturday evening at the mixed media performance….. ‘Champagne Haiku Pour Deux’…..she invited me to a gathering of Tanka Poets on Site the following Monday.  If you thought Haiku was difficult, try writing Tanka.  Anyway, it was delightful being amongst the gifted poets, seeing Maria and Grandmaster Don Baird again and seeing all the treasures collected by Kathabela and Rick  through years of amazing travel.

Maria and Don to the right ….

IMG 6350

Rick Wilson is a brilliant physicist at Caltech and his lectures are in demand world wide.  This is a poster from a conference  held in his honor at Caltech. Note:  Rick is as kind as he is brilliant!

IMG 6351

Here’s a wonderful mixed media piece created by Kathabela; Tanka poet, creative artist and gentle, loving human.

IMG 6353

Kathabela with guest speaker Richard Gilbert, Tanka scholar  visiting from Japan.

IMG 6345

When I got home I saw there was an order for this print from a woman in Kansas… fun!IMG 6360

 Amy designed and created the most amazing table for Farhang Foundations Nowruz celebration in Orange County.  The table was 8’ X 8’ and fully covered with beautiful blossoms.  These Hydrangeas are from that display but Amy didn’t want me to post this on Facebook as she doesn’t think it’s beautiful enough.  I disagree.  What say you???

If you go to Menuah Flower Boutique on Facebook you can see Amy’s extraordinary creations.  Also, go to whenever you need to send exquisite flowers.IMG 6364

 Have you noticed the birds are beginning to sing again?  It’s nesting time!!!  This one loves the Loquat tree!

IMG 6383

 I hope the Wisteria is still blossoming next time you come by……it’s heavenly and oh that fragrance!

IMG 6408

 Wednesday Amy & I went to the Bella Voce Society’s luncheon.  We checked in at the private elevator entrance right next to Kendall’s Brasserie.  

IMG 6412

 There’s this amazing view of the Music Center’s courtyard from the 5th floor.

IMG 6413

 What fun to see Elizabeth, long time Brush painting student at the Huntington with friend Charlotte.

IMG 6420

 Oh my, this chilled spring pea soup was soooooo good!

IMG 6422


Foodie alert…..

IMG 6423


IMG 6424


IMG 6425

 Best cheesecake ever! So light and creamy!

IMG 6427

Time for the opera.  Amy loves this tapestry right outside the Founder’s Circle at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

IMG 6432

 We got to enjoy the final dress rehearsal for The Marriage of Figaro.  I do believe this was the first opera Charles & I went to.

IMG 6433

IMG 6433

Wonderful sets……But please, no pictures!  ( I have a secret way of getting them!)IMG 6444


IMG 6450

Dinner afterwards at Kendall’s Brasserie with sweet Amy and Charlotte.

IMG 6454

 Yes, that’s raw meat…..must have!  Yummy Steak Tartare!  So sorry vegans……

IMG 6457

 So good let’s do the salmon the same way…..

IMG 6458It’s always joyful to catch up with dear Alice!  My new favorite place is Olive and Thyme in Toluca Lake….a real foodie heaven that’s almost as good as Joan’s on Third.

IMG 6467

Yummy Panini…..

IMG 6469Love this cute stuff….

IMG 6459

Not sure quite what I think about this pup…he was right outside our table.  All two pounds of him!

IMG 6474Wishing you a colorful week!

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