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Class was wonderful last Saturday.  Of five new students, one, Margaret Yamaguchi, along with husband Henry, owned Yamaguci’s Gift Shop.  They were one of our best customers when we did the California Gift Show at the Convention Center.  The cutest part….There was a group of about 5 ladies who would go to the shop and purchase a bunch of our cards.  Whenever they wanted to send loving thoughts to another member of the group they would use a ‘Nan Rae Card’!  How precious is that!!!

IMG 7983

I neglected to get a photo of the ‘Children’s Table’.  Most likely because everyone was behaving themselves!

Thank you Kathy for making sure I eat.  Lunch was delicious.

IMG 7984

The treats from Paradise Bakery were yummy trouble Kathy….I think I thank you!

IMG 8053

 Amy and Nikka had a lot of work to do after class…..Neither one of them like me to take their picture…..

IMG 7982


Later that day it was time to go to a tribute for Grand Master Don Baird at the Martial Arts History Museum.  Here’s Don….IMG 7986

 Sweet Diana is always winning things so it’s no surprise she was a winner here……

IMG 7999

 Music provided by amazingly sweet Kathabela and Rick, her brilliant hubby…..Is it O.K. to say brainiack???

IMG 8012

 This is the jacket worn by David Carradine in ‘Kung Fu’.  Remember that show???

IMG 8018


IMG 8017

 More interesting ‘stuff’ at the museum.  This made me remember the great Lion Dance performance we had at the house for everyone who went on the ‘Journey of the Imagination’ trip to China with Charles and myself.

IMG 8020


IMG 8021

 And now for wonderful thoughts of our upcoming trip to Japan in November to see the fall colors.

IMG 8042

IMG 8040

IMG 8041

 We may see a Sumo wrestling match this time!

IMG 8043

IMG 8044


IMG 8046

 On the drive home there was wonderful mist in the mountains.  Time for a Landscape painting!

IMG 8048

 Monday it was time for lunch and catching up with Cathy and Isabel at Olive and Thyme in Toluca Lake.  This is gradually becoming my favorite place!

IMG 8097

Note to self:  Plant some SweetPeas!IMG 8082


IMG 8085

 Cathy’s lunch….

IMG 8086


IMG 8087

 This CD is mostly instrumental.  It’s my new go to for listening while driving about….

IMG 8109

Kent came over with great advice on choosing the flooring at mom’s…..

IMG 7797

 ….and Mary Beth has taught Kita the ‘down’ and puppy actually cooperates with me on it.  Success is grand!

IMG 7817

 It’s always a joy when I see Olga and/or George walking Jasper.  He’s the sweetest rescue ever! How’s this for a perfect ‘sit’!

IMG 7962

I met with Shai and Dvir for a conference about mom’s kitchen.  Nick, the manager of the building is at the left and was such a great help.  Thank you Nick!  I decided to put in a new sink and stove top….

IMG 8116

So of course, the most logical thing to do was to stop at Recess Eatery for an Ahi Tuna salad to think everything over…..

IMG 8119

I decided to just ‘stop by’ at Pirch and have a look see……

IMG 8120

Ah yes, good move as this is much better than going to Home Depot.  Here they make you a cappuccino and even give you a cupcake (yummy)….

IMG 8123

While you sit at leisure in beautiful surroundings and make your selections.  They also will meet ANY price and give you the contractors discount on top of that!IMG 8124

Mission accomplished I headed over to the Embassy Suites to meet mom for dinner.  Here she is with Tami, her new best friend.  Tami is in the same stack as mom and is going thru the same mess.  She’s the sweetest lady and she & her hubby Erik & I have combined to form a fearless threesome in going after this problem!

IMG 8126

 You know what they say about too much of a good thing.  No matter how good these lamb chops I’m afraid I’ve had one too many.

IMG 8128

It was a wonderful respite to have sweet Lisa come over and regale me with stories of her cross country adventure!

IMG 8142

Back to reality.  Here Dvir goes over some of the specs for the kitchen….(The cabinets will be painted white.)

IMG 8133The new stovetop and hood will go here…..

IMG 8134

….the new double sink & new faucet here… all I have to do is pick out the Caesarstone for the countertop & backsplash.  Ug!

IMG 8135

Needing more diversion….the perfect thing was dinner with Amy!

IMG 8150

We split the sea bass…IMG 8147


…and my favorite, the Ahi Tuna salad….

IMG 8148

Time to be bad….really bad…We split this monster and couldn’t even finish it….good thing!

IMG 8155

Amy you are the dearest and really the sweetest……this was an over the top thing for you to do but how I do thank you!

IMG 8256

Saturday it was time for Calligraphy with Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow.  How the month had flown by!

IMG 8159

The Kentucky Derby was a must watch with American Pharaoh winning.  I should have bet on him….number 18!!!IMG 8213

Any surprise that we were going to watch the Mayweather Pacquiao fight?

IMG 8172

But first….Chinese from Gourmet 88…..IMG 8175

Kim and Charles settled in….IMG 8179


….as did mom and myself….IMG 8210

And the cutest of all….

IMG 8202

Nikka you are simply adorable….

IMG 8204


A light moment…..IMG 8207


Kita kept wanting in on the action….IMG 8209


It’s a good think Amy had brought these cherries over earlier as I needed them after all the excitement.  Have you ever gone thru a bag of cherries at one sitting?  Amy declined staying for the fight and the popcorn was no inducement.  I agree, boxing is way to hard to watch.IMG 8211


This book may even get me back in the kitchen…IMG 8144

…….and this one is my current must read.IMG 8145Have a fun week!

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