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…is something I just can’t pass up!  But first, Danny Chen’s second workshop here in the studio ‘Painting Mandarin Ducks’  that I already told you about in my last blog.

IMG 9700

On my way to Pasadena that evening I had to stop the car to take a picture of these two beautiful Samoyed pups!IMG 9738

Now this is what I’m talking about!  The joy of holding baby Noah! The Reilly’s second grandson!IMG 9822

 Jacob, A.K.A. Jakey, Noah’s older brother was my dinner partner and you can see from the expression on his face that he’s an exceptional conversationalist!

IMG 9824

 Yummy salmon and beautiful salads that Sandie had gotten at Porta Via Italian Foods.  It’s on California Blvd. & you’re in for a treat if you’re in Pasadena.  Best gelato ever!

IMG 9777

 Getting the munchkins ready for bedtime gave me a chance to visit ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’, ‘Nan Rae Art’ at the Reilly’s!

IMG 9823

Monday, for Memorial Day, I had requests for my famous grilled cheese sandwiches.  The secret is the bacon, heirloom tomatoes, rough mustard and more butter than you can even begin to imagine!  The cole slaw is from KFC! I can’t wait ‘till the 4th to do this all over again!

IMG 9851

 This is mom’s favorite!

IMG 9846

 And yet again, puppy is cordoned off so we can enjoy our meal.

IMG 9847

 Afterwards, mom & I binge watched Anthony Bourdain.


 Tuesday Armin was in the studio for a private class and did very well.

IMG 9861

 Update: The kitchen floor at mom’s is a pale gray…hard to tell here.  The caesarstone is black.  Rex helped me tremendously with this.

IMG 9867

 Then off to The Embassy Suites for Fiesta Night. I told mom she’s going to miss all this when she goes back home.

IMG 9871

 Lizzie Girl & I like to meet in NoHo for lunch at Daphnes Greek Cafe and then see a movie at Laemmle’s NoHo 7.

IMG 9873

 I really love their food but then again…it’s not about the food is it!

IMG 9876

 Lizzie thought I might need a box of See’s chocolate and as it turned out we both needed it to watch ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’! It was a ‘two pieces’ movie as it sure gave us a lot to ponder. At one point I do believe I was shouting at the screen.

IMG 9881

 On the way home I stopped at a framers on Magnolia that was conveniently across from Monte Carlo’s Italian Deli.  Just the aroma when you walk in will drive you mad.  I used enormous self control and just purchased a few item even though I wanted to wrap up the entire store.  People drive in from as far away as San Diego and Palm Springs to get the ‘real stuff’ here! They also have a restaurant, Pinocchio’s which is old fashioned, oil cloth style. Fantastic gelato!

IMG 9884


IMG 9885

Too many decisions….

IMG 9887

 Next day, Precious Lisa B. met me at mom’s to check on the progress….

IMG 9896

 Here’s the sink I got a Pirch…There used to be a raised ‘divider’ between the sink and the kitchens dining area but Rex suggested having one solid piece of stone and it looks soooo much better!  Thank you Rex!

IMG 9898

 The unit has electric only for the stove and I loved having the flat surface…..Sure hope mom does!

IMG 9901

 Here it is up close.  Somehow I got the wrong range hood so back to Pirch.  Awww….too bad.  Whoops…secrets out…It’s a favorite happy place!

IMG 9903

 I have no idea where they put the rest of mom’s clothes and boxes & boxes of shoes.  The floor here should be finished & I’ll check on it today.

IMG 9917

 Let’s have a little puppy diversion with this adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  Sky’s only 10 weeks old!

IMG 9912

 That night Tai Ling (Tyrus Wong’s daughter) came by to pick up the cards she had ordered for USC Pacific Asia’s bookstore.  We got to talking and three hours later called it a night.  I was really tired!

IMG 9920

 Next day was a lot of fun painting Fuchsia, a Bamboo review and a Landscape.  Here Laurie Pie looks at two of the archival prints Nikka made from her art work.

IMG 9929

 She loved them!  Hugs!!!

IMG 9926


IMG 9927

 Meanwhile Diane and Dr. Eileen look for ‘The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting’ complied during the early Qing Dynasty that I was recommending. They were looking on which is a great site for hard to find books.

IMG 9930

After class, Nikka and I finished up our work and then went to the Embassy Suites to join mom and Vicki for dinner.

It was a good week and I wish the same to come for you.

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