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….. with Tomiko and dinner at the Water Grill downtown. But first Tomiko and I stop to see the progress at mom’s. The floors are in but everything else is in chaos.

IMG 9937

 While the contractor’s men are very good at what they do…they are absolute slobs in picking up after themselves and that’s an understatement.

IMG 9938


IMG 9941

 Enough of that…on to the Water Grill.

IMG 9942

IMG 9946

 For starters we split a lettuce wedge and just look at the size of the split!  Also, shared a beet salad that’s hiding in front of Tomiko.

IMG 9954

 I had Wild Columbian River Salmon.

IMG 9964

 Happy birthday to us!  This was also a belated second celebration for Tomiko as we did have a mini one at Recess some time ago but that just wasn’t enough.

IMG 9959

 Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!

IMG 9961

 Later Tomiko showed me one of the scrapbooks she compiles at the end of each year for the students.  Each child gets a personalized book and they are so amazing!

IMG 9967

A group photo in the book.

IMG 9968

 What the student did.

IMG 9969

 Monday awesome Anne Alene was in the studio to discuss all things Japanese. She is absolutely brilliant and in addition… a wonderful person!

IMG 9974I’m addicted to NHK television.

IMG 9990

 Marsha Ramos came over to pick up artwork for the Family Services of Burbank benefit on Friday at the Cartoon Network.  I think that deserves a separate blog!  Marsha and Kita had a special conversation at which Kita expressed her desire to greet Marsha as only she can.

IMG 9975

 Well, Marsha did say it was O.K.

IMG 9983

 Here’s the artwork…..I also donated cards and Suma the Elephant!

IMG 9987

 Everything quieted down and so Kita decided to have a heart to heart with Vicki.

IMG 0041

 Oh, why do I even go there…..This is definitely not the worst of it.

IMG 0044

 I know, I’ll go to my happy place…Pirch.  Had to exchange the range hood for a self ventilating one.  Who knew?

IMG 0002

 They are so accommodating and didn’t even charge me a re-stocking fee.

IMG 0006

 Love this place!

IMG 0010

IMG 0012

IMG 0013

 At Bloomingdales……

IMG 0016

Later, dinner with mom and Nikka at the Embassy Suites.  Mom has to have her ice cream and everyone else must order it as well.  That’s the routine.IMG 0018

 Cute puppy at Ralph’s.  The day’s ’to do’s are  almost finished….

IMG 0024

 Had to watch ‘Gilda’ on TCM.

IMG 0070

 Next day I suited up for meeting with the contractor.  Yes Shai, the cabinets need to be re-painted and please be more careful with my pen (he dropped it).  (A 2 day argument…..they look fine now.)

IMG 0075

 Should I even go there about the construction dust and why things need to be covered?  Shai, where’s your protocol?

IMG 0111

 It’s almost too, too much! Good thing mom hasn’t seen all this!

IMG 0092

 A bright spot was taking Vicki to Harry for a new ‘do’!

IMG 0080

 And later visiting the Koi/Carp at the Embassy Suites.

IMG 0124

IMG 0128

IMG 0131

Wishing you serene moments!IMG 0144


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