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….was held at the Cartoon Network last Friday evening. I was one of 3 artists being featured in an art show/auction/rooftop dinner at the Cartoon Network benefitting Healing Arts at Family service Agency.

Adorable Monica Daga, my amazing student at the Huntington, is checking things out while Amy gets her special arm band indicating she will be a guest later for dinner on the rooftop!

IMG 0145

I was just delighted Amy and Nikka were able to go with me as they are beyond description fun! Neither one of them like me to take their picture and always run away when I have my phone in hand.  I had to insist this time!

IMG 0157

IMG 0160

How wonderful to see Miss Judith and Eileen who are the templates for doing good and being a friend.  They consistently show up and lend their awesome presences!

IMG 0167

Time to look around at all the artwork donated for this deserving cause. I hope you read my previous blog about the Family Service Agency and all the good they do.

IMG 0172

Snacks and refreshments were provided…..

IMG 0174

Checking out the artwork….making bids….

IMG 0186

Thank you Dorothy Shepherd for your wonderful contribution.  I’m so very proud of you!

IMG 0354

Tom Warbuton, one of the greatest fellows you could ever meet, signing copies of one of his books.  Tom is an Emmy Award winner, creator/animator, Co-Executive Producer at Disney among his many accomplishments. What a privilege to be honored along with him.

IMG 0191

It’s always a joy to see someone really ‘looking’ at your work!

IMG 0209

O.K. everyone, settle down…..Marsha Ramos, Chairperson of the event has an announcement.

IMG 0218

Here we are… The three recipients of the 2015 Spotlight Award; Alice Asmar, delightful Tom Warbuton and yours truly  with dear Marsha.

IMG 0231

And later in the Burbank Leader.

IMG 0657

Back to work.  I’m thrilled beyond description to tell you that the ‘Suma the Elephant’ book and workbook will be used by the agency in their work with women and children in abusive situations.

IMG 0237

Let’s eat!  Dinner on the rooftop was sensational.  Absolutely the most delicious Mexican food ever….must get caterers name.

IMG 0247

Embarrassed to say I went back for a second tamale….

IMG 0249

Yummy, yummy stuff….

IMG 0254

Miss Judith and Eileen sat with us. Laurie Bleick, the devoted Executive Director of FSA is in the cream shirt to her left…Sorry I didn’t get a better photo.  Kudo’s to Zita Lefebvre who worked so tirelessly for months to pull this amazing event together.

IMG 0256

I did say Cartoon Network didn’t I?  The stairway’s walls leading to and from the roof are festooned with cute stuff!IMG 0261

That’s right!

IMG 0262

Oh Miss Judith I am so gratified that your bid won my painting.  It’s so lovely to know it will adorn your Ventura beach front home. THANK YOU!

IMG 0267

The Burbank Leader had a full page spread on the event and I was so happy to see Lisa in the picture as I didn’t get one of her that evening.

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Sweet Monica with her actress friend Jeana Wilson were also in the paper. Yea Monica!  Thank you for contributing such a beautiful painting.

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Had the winning bid on this one…..Wishing you Yogi Bear fun times!

IMG 0651

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