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……yes, friendship…the most valuable commodity….a true treasure that blossoms as it is cared for and nurtured.  I am so grateful for my friends…beautiful flowers in my heart’s garden and grateful for all the love and care I continually receive…especially on my birthday which has extended well into June.  Words cannot express my gratitude to and for everyone who has made this birthday so memorable for me!

I’ve mentioned Olga so many times….meeting her and hubby George thru their son Martin who worked for us packing cards when he was still in grade school.  (I know….child labor laws).  Anyway, Martin is grown, finished with college and apprenticing with a big advertising firm in Boston.  Olga has become a treasured friend and we love our late night ‘tea time’ talks…alway unplanned, always warm and rich. Monday evening Olga stopped by and before we knew it …it was midnight!  I thought I took a photo but it turned out to be a video.

The next morning I was off to see beautiful Mary for a birthday lunch when the phone rang.  Lizzie Girl would be at Brand Art Gallery and ‘could I meet her’?  Are you kidding me? This can’t be happening.  There is no way I would miss a chance to see Lizzie and amazingly, the timing worked out perfectly.

IMG 0458

Done!  Off to Bloomie’s and beautiful Mary…

IMG 0469

Mary & Keith have a WOLF and I took this photo from her iPhone!  This is why I don’t think Kita is a large dog.

IMG 0468

Tomiko phoned….’Can you meet me for dinner?’  That’s when I knew the day would be the trifecta of friendship.  ‘Of course’ says I and from Bloomie’s went to Din Tai Fung for an early dinner before dinner with mom and Nikka.

IMG 0478

IMG 0477

The dumpling makers wear masks now.  I don’t know about that…..IMG 0470

Mom was sooooo happy because the very next day she was going to return home!

IMG 0483

Muscle man Dvir and mom have the same birthday and bonded.

IMG 0507


Marcio takes care of absolutely everything in the building and I continually say they just do not pay him enough.  He is always kind and eager to help mom. Nick, standing behind mom manages the building and has been an immeasurable help throughout this ‘mess’.IMG 0495

The new range hood finally got installed.

IMG 0508

I just blogged about the Family Service Agency fund raiser at the Cartoon Network and the Burbank Leader ran a full page spread on it.  How beautiful to see four of my dear hearts in the photo with me!

11406322 10203455189615347 3146492900924403580 o

Sweet Monica Daga is a student of mine at the Huntington and generously donated a wonderful work of hers.  It’s was exciting to see her in the article as well!

11415464 10203456432606421 3347392062113199473 oLater that evening, Marsha Ramos, former Mayor of Burbank and leader of any and all things benefiting the community at large, held a fund raiser for Laura Friedman.IMG 0511

 Here’s Marsha introducing Laura who is currently a member of the Glendale City Council.

IMG 0522

 Dave Golansky, former Burbank Mayor of Burbank was also in attendance.

IMG 0515

 Yippee….Trudy’s back from her 5 week jaunt in Europe!  Kita’s besides herself while I’m busy digging into the delicious Swiss Chocolates!

IMG 0526

 Then a very special birthday lunch at Bistro Gardens…..more on that at another time.

IMG 0540

 Friday takes the cake! ( I’m still thinking birthday.)  I had tickets to the rehearsal for Rodin performed by the Eifman Ballet Company of St. Petersburg at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

IMG 0563

 Soooo interesting and Amy was able to interpret all the Russian spoken by the director and the Ballet Master.

IMG 0559

 But please……no pictures….

IMG 0541Awwww……come on Amy….

IMG 0554

 Surprise seeing Valerie there in the Founder’s Circle.

IMG 0578

 Finally….got Nikka & Amy to stand still for a photo!

IMG 0576

  Amy drove my car home and I waited at Kendall’s Brasserie for Tina Marie and another birthday treat!

IMG 0585

 Tina Marie had front row tickets for that evenings performance.

IMG 0621

 Happy us taking a selfie!

IMG 0588

 Intermission had us dashing up to the second floor for a light treat in the founder’s Room.

IMG 0628

 Friends of Tina Marie.  I have no clue.

IMG 0603Striking a pose……

IMG 0626

 Friday evenings during the summer the Music Center has ‘Bring Your Own Dance Moves’ with live D.J.’s in the Plaza.  We walked about after the ballet.  So much fun!

IMG 0632

IMG 0614

A gratitude journal could not be big enough to contain my joy for each and every person in my life…those pictured here and those seen in other blogs.

When we were in a private home in Japan last spring our hostess held up a kanji character and said “This is a moment in time that will never come again….treasure it!”


May you have many treasured moments.



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