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The planting are in and should do well as they’re perfect for shade.  IMG 1803

 Kita seems to approve but then you never know about her.

IMG 1805

 The Rosemary that was in the large white pot got delegated to a smaller patio & I hope it’s happy there.

IMG 1816

 Another Wednesday….another Green Chef.  So far we’ve been delighted.  Everything is very fresh and the recipes are yummy!

IMG 1900

 Love all the little containers….

IMG 1903

 Just a reminder……….

IMG 1910

Vicki makes the most delicious Mango Smoothies.  I told her we should open up a roadside stand!

IMG 1914

 Time to meet Laurie Pie at Americana.  We watched ‘Amy’ which was the saddest movie ….watching someone disintegrate before your eyes.  Such a brilliant talent….Here she is hearing she won the Grammy.

IMG 1859

 Here’s the Pie at the Nordstrom Dior counter tracking down some new cleansing water.

IMG 1872

 I’m not so sold on Bar Verde missing Lauren and Hiro  but it works as we like to shop around in Nordstrom.  I’m my own bartender mixing Campari with sparkling water, lime and lots of ice.  I make two drinks compared to a bartenders one.

IMG 1874These tacos are still good.

IMG 1875

 The next day I was off to Encino to get my Global Entry Pass.  The appointment was at ProTravel but somehow I wound up at the Army Reserve.

IMG 1889

Woman in distress…Go Army and help her!!!IMG 1877

 It’s embarrassing that Miss Judith, Eileen and Ralph all found their way with no difficulty.

IMG 1883

 Needing to drown my sorrows in a Smoothie I headed off to Bloomingdales where this model told me I was already on the 2nd floor.  Maybe this is how I got lost in the first place.

IMG 1882Happy again….

IMG 1891

IMG 1892

 Mission accomplished…..beautiful pillowcases at 70% off and they’d be sent to me when the sale would actually start.

Moving on I had business to attend to downtown the next day…..not my favorite drive….

IMG 1909

 It was nice to come home to this yummy cod from the Green Chef.  Vicki is really getting into it!

IMG 1899

Love time with Lisa and decided to try a Selfie….What do you call a Selfie when there’s two people???IMG 1932

 Dr. Moradian takes such good care of our tootsies…..or is that footsies???

IMG 1935Class day and Sandie Girl needed to verify the perfume selection she got for lovely friend Julie’s B-day.  All is well.  This is correct.

IMG 1944

 New student John did splendidly.  He really pays attention & even read my book.

IMG 1948

 I’m still working on the moon….

IMG 1950

 ……..while having fun painting Koi/Carp!

IMG 1952

 Saturday night it was a birthday celebration for an old friend……

IMG 1964

 Just to show you how ‘old’….This is what Jean and Rick looked like when I first met them!

IMG 1958

 Happy Birthday Rick!

IMG 1954

 And Happy Everyday to you!

IMG 1926

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