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….Well, I guess Sunday at Amy’s was just too wondrous and I remained on cloud 9 Monday confusing the date of the ‘Poet’s on Site’ event at the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden.  Google this registered historical landmark.

IMG 2104

The Norton Simon Museum is just a few minutes away so I decided to do a pop in.  The garden area is so beautiful and the Lilly Pond along with this tree looks like a painting!IMG 2112

I decided to have a relaxed lunch and study up on Japan for my trip in November.

IMG 2108

IMG 2111

If you haven’t been to the museum recently I really do suggest it for a soul satisfying treat.  Here’s van Gogh’s ‘Portrait of a Peasant’.  As vivid as the day it was painted!

IMG 2115

A trip to the museum would not be complete without a stop at Degas charming ‘Little Dancer’.

IMG 2132

Coming home there was excitement on the hill.  This was the longest hook and ladder I’ve ever seen and I don’t know how it made it up the hill.  All is well and quiet.

IMG 2136Time for Kita’s annual visit to the vet…..

IMG 2149

We love Dr. Aberman even as she was aghast at how FAT Kita is.  She’s now on a very restricted diet (Kita that is) but honestly….it’s everyone giving her those treats!

IMG 2164

I just have to show you my little bed again….I’m sooooo happy!

IMG 2168

Another recipe from the Green Chef….yummy beef dish!

IMG 2181

I’m not sure exactly what Trudy and Kita have goin’ on but it could be love!

IMG 2192

Thanks to Laurie Pie I got this fantastic face cleanser.  It’s so mild and you don’t need any other product.  Love it!

IMG 2288

Eeeeee gads, it’s Wednesday and another delivery from the Green Chef.  It’s getting hard to keep up with them.

IMG 2195

I’m so happy the flowers from Amy lasted thru the week….. living in a garden of love!

IMG 2200

Did you happen to noticed the clouds this week? I photographed these while in the car driving home…..

IMG 2209

IMG 2211

IMG 2215

IMG 2225

Shaving cream or whipped cream???

IMG 2219

Fun with Lisa C. who discovered Mickey Mouse in her blueberries!

IMG 2226

Doesn’t Vicki plate the Green Chef meals beautifully?

IMG 2224

I think this is a BEAUTIFUL photo!  Heirloom Tomatoes from Lisa and Olive Oil from Miss Judith!

IMG 2231

More beautiful clouds….these look like snow….

IMG 2235

The fountain still isn’t fixed….oh Jimmy!!!

IMG 2241

Needs no explanation….

IMG 2245

Miss Judith and Eileen sent Amy the most creative, lovely thank you….

IMG 2249Awwwwww………….

IMG 2259

And the moon this week….oh my!

IMG 2265

Sorry….love these clouds!

IMG 2286

More excitement….this time up the hill…police and fire and no clue……

IMG 2278

Oh well, have a fig from Amy’s tree…..

IMG 2285

Fridays and Saturdays Nikka and I try to make up for a weeks work.  Lunch has to be substantial.  These over easy eggs with tomatoes, fresh basil and Parmesan cheese were sooooo good!

IMG 2290

Does anyone else find this funny?  Las Vegas patrol cars parked in Glendale.  Three of them.  Did they get lost?  Take a wrong turn???

IMG 2294

May I interject?

IMG 2304


The monthly Calligraphy class with Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow.IMG 2307

Nikka and I went to a book signing for Grand Master Don Baird’s newest Haiku book ‘Ink Zero’ at Don’s ‘American School of Martial Arts’ in Burbank.  Bridget is just too cute!

IMG 2315

Don demonstrates how he does his ‘Ink Studies’ based on yoga poses and Kung Fu moves.

IMG 2317

I did not know that Don is an accomplished musician and composer and had been one of the top ten clarinetists in the country.  Shown here with kind and lovely wife Maria.

IMG 2335

Sweet Kathabela (Poets on Site) has the grandest collection of objects from all over the world that make cool and interesting sounds.  Hubby Rick is a brainiack professor of mathematics at Caltech.  He has a collection of flutes from around the world and they accompany this Haiku reading.

IMG 2343Yes!

IMG 2440

I’m so excited to have ‘Ink Zero’ to add to my collection of Don Baird ‘Haiku’.IMG 2447One of his compositions….

IMG 2357One of his many awards……

IMG 2358

Driving back home I spied something going on ……a classic car event on San Fernando Road in Burbank….

IMG 2363

IMG 2441

IMG 2372

IMG 2385

IMG 2402

IMG 2436

You know for me it’s all about the dogs…..

IMG 2361

IMG 2374

IMG 2378

I had to chase this one down…..

IMG 2430

Priorities….Time for Ben & Jerry’s…..

IMG 2390Sooooooo good!

IMG 2392

The Skechers store was right next to Ben & Jerry’s and Nikka said I should give them a try.  Love them!  Walking on air and left with Skechers on my feet!

IMG 2395

But then we saw this gal….she said her contraption can go up to 11 miles an hour…..a little sticker shock at over $600.

IMG 2398

Music everywhere….a great band that rocked out to ‘Up Town Funk’ and this guy who had an audience of one really rocking’ it!

IMG 2410

Oh my….Nikka and I walked and walked following the smell of Kettle Corn in the air.  Eureka!

IMG 2415Freshly made and oh so good!……

IMG 2423Guess…..

IMG 2431

Dreaming of this awesomely delicious Kettle Corn and wishing you lots of yummy treats!

IMG 2434

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