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……is my new happy place!  Miss Judith and Eileen planned on treating me for what would be the last of this year’s birthday celebrations.  (I’ve never gone from May thru to August before!!!)

I drove to their art filled stunning home and once again went crazy over the entrance.  Love the blue doors and the opening to the sky!

IMG 2456

 This beautiful bronze is to the left of the area….

IMG 2457

 Well now, what do I see????  Could that be Nan Rae art waiting to be hung in a placed of honor??

IMG 2458

 Off we go to Rock Sugar in Century City.  It’s been ages since I’ve been in that area and it’s changed so very much….   Hi Eileen!

IMG 2459

IMG 2465

 We’re so cute!  Actually soooooo happy!

IMG 2467

 Even the ice tea is sensational but I really didn’t want the servers lower extremities in the shot…..

IMG 2471

 Grapefruit Jicama Salad with Red Cabbage, Candied Pecans and Plum Vinaigrette.  Soooo.. yummy and crunchy …..

IMG 2473

 O.K., stop everything….Here’s the most delicious creation on the planet. Lacquered BBQ Ribs…..Ribs unlike any I’ve ever had before!

IMG 2475

 I forget what this chicken dish was but certainly remember how tender and delicious!

IMG 2476

 Happy Birthday to me with yummy ‘made in house’ ice cream!

IMG 2478

 Happy, happy! But how on earth did I come up with that outfit?  Oh dear….those pants…..No I didn’t spill red wine on myself!

IMG 2481

 Eye candy everywhere.  Just look at these pillars…..

IMG 2482

IMG 2483 Cool!

IMG 2487

 Back at the house I’m waved goodbye with a special nod from their gardener extraordinaire!

IMG 2491

Thank you Miss Judith and Eileen for these terrific portable fans.  Sir Charles and I are totally ‘cool’!

IMG 2503

Just ‘cause I’m not eating enough Vicki made this creation from the Green Chef…..She plates everything soooo beautifully!

IMG 2492

Have I mentioned that I’m addicted to Netflix’s House of Cards?

IMG 2498


‘Odd Mom Out’ on Bravo winded up their first season and I really enjoyed this quirky little half hour.IMG 2500

I finished the painting I will be donating to the Robinson Garden’s ‘Gala’ in September.  I’ll take it to Chiangs to be mounted and framed.IMG 2504

Fennel-Lime Chicken from the Green Chef….the meals just keep coming…..

IMG 2509

IMG 2510

I’m hungry.  Time for lunch with Marine at Olive & Thyme in Toluca Lake.

IMG 2513

Trying to be good I ordered a Cobb with dressing on the side…..

IMG 2514

Eeeeee gads….another shipment from the Green Chef!

IMG 2515

I’m really trying not to eat bread but this Indian flatbread Naan was super delicious and all the ingredients to make it were included with directions.

IMG 2519

That night the sky was incredible….I went upstairs to photograph it from the deck….

IMG 2521

IMG 2523

IMG 2525


IMG 2529


IMG 2528

While Kita kept a watchful eye on me from downstairs…..

IMG 2575

Have I ever mentioned the ARTS Channel?  We get it on 96 from Charter and when it’s on they have a wide variety of the performing arts including ballet and the opera.

IMG 2577

Time for my car to act up again….

IMG 2580Oh well…..think beautiful skies!

IMG 2586


Is this blog getting too long?  Want to take a snack break???




Are you back???


Sandie Girl had mentioned to Lisa that she had been given a set of China that she was not using & Lisa could have.  They set up a day to meet for the exchange in Sierra Madre at the Four Seasons Tearoom and thoughtfully included me

IMG 2642

IMG 2591

IMG 2592Forget ‘The Ladies Who Lunch’….We’re ‘The Ladies Who Tea’!

IMG 2597Afterwards, right outside, I met ‘Ann’, a delightful gal who had rescued a Grayhound.  Of course I had to tell her about our nearly rescuing one before Yuki and blabbered on, taking photos like mad and completely missing the china exchange.

IMG 2611

These former racing dogs are true couch potatoes and wonderful, loving companions.  Please check out in Pasadena.IMG 2641

Time to head to El Monte with the unmounted painting.  Here’s the info:

Chiangs Frame

9255 Telstar Ave. Unit J


I’ll be going back this Thursday to pick up the work so if you wish to go with….let me know.

Then, stopping at Ralph’s I had another encounter.  Yes, a Macaw!  Apparently his owner is friends with the manager and so the bird is allowed in to shop.  I told the fellow that I hope he’s made provisions for his ‘friend’ as the bird will most likely live to be 80!

IMG 2629

Let’s get some work done.  Nikka wore her arty shirt and was ready to shoot two video’s for YouTube.

IMG 2651

IMG 2644

IMG 2649

Editing all done we headed over to the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena stopping first to relax in the garden with a cool iced tea. I think you’ll find this small but interesting exhibit worth the visit…..

IMG 2660

IMG 2662

IMG 2666

IMG 2667

….especially the development of ‘blue’ pigments.

IMG 2691

IMG 2692

IMG 2664

IMG 2676

IMG 2674

Dreading fighting the traffic on a Saturday night in Old Town we headed back to Recess on Brand for a very late dinner. And yes, I polished off this whole gynormous burger.

IMG 2699

May you be ‘in the chips’!

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