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Can you believe this beautiful ‘Emotional Support’ dog that I met at Americana?  I fell in love!IMG 2704

 The euphoria lasted for the briefest of time as I then saw ‘Ricki and the Flash’.  Don’t even ask me……

IMG 2713

Time to clear my mind at Katsuya but another disappointment as they had run out of Foie Gras!  This is not going well.

IMG 2715

 Green Tea calmed me down somewhat…….

IMG 2717

…..and this Sushi assortment did help considerably.

IMG 2721

Sufficiently fortified I went to Tiffany on a mission….more on that next week…..For now, here’s a ‘Papillon Tiffany Dog’!

IMG 2725

Monday morning Kita practiced her dance moves with Vicki…….

IMG 2746

 I had Rusnak pick up my car with the hope that they would/could finally fix the problem with the electrical system not knowing how long I’d be sequestered. That evening we had yummy  Adobo-Spiced Tilapia with Black Bean Edame Salad and Green Gazpacho from the Green Chef which made everything better.  

IMG 2749

This was Tuesdays Green Chef offering……Ginger Pork with Red Cabbage Slaw and Five-Spice Black Lentils.

IMG 2751

…..and bright and early Wednesday another shipment arrived.  (Still no car!)

IMG 2756

IMG 2758

 Vicki learns that a rolling pin has other uses besides……..well, I’m just not saying’.

IMG 2765

Wednesday evening still no car so Amy drove to the Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena for an “Evening with Peter Adams”.  It’s hard to believe I’ve known Peter since the 70’s when he was apprentice to Theodore Lukits .

IMG 2767

Peter talked about his art in conjunction with a curated selection of his newest plain air pastels titled ‘Luminous Paintings’!IMG 2773Here’s one……… ‘Ephemeral Light’

IMG 2774

 Elaine Adams, Peter’s amazing wife and powerhouse behind American Legacy Fine Arts, introduced Peter. 

IMG 2783

 There was a question and answer period after Peter’s presentation and someone had asked him when he first knew he was an artist.  After answering, Peter pointed to me and said, “Nan, you probably knew when you were two!”  I had to say my mother claimed that for me when I was born!

IMG 2782

We just couldn’t decide where to go for dinner….probably should have stayed at the Chop House.  Thinking it best to head on back we landed at Recess Eatery which always satisfies and this Sea Bass was no exception.  Soooooo good!  You know of course that Amy doesn’t like me to take her photo so you’ll just have to believe me when I say she was with me!

IMG 2807

We also had soup but somehow there was room for this yummy bread pudding!  Good thing we split it!!!

IMG 2809

This is what I’m currently reading.  I highly recommend this inciteful, authentic book written by Neil Gaiman’s wife.  I love it!!!

IMG 2812

 I can’t get over all the likes this photo got on Facebook.  come on you guys….what’s with the PJ addictions????  As I told you, Amy & I had been out….didn’t get home ‘till midnight and by the time I got some shut eye it left me in jamies until about 3:00 P.M.  Come on….at least I’m honest about it!

IMG 2821

This was my 2:00 P.M. breakfast.  Free range eggs with leftover Ratatouille! Actually quite delicious!

IMG 2827

Finally…..I have wheels!  Rusnak brought my car back at 5:00 on Thursday and there was just enough time to go to Cheesecake & pickup dinner for Mom and Nikka.

IMG 2839

 Friday Nikka & I were hard at work.  This order got shipped to Pennsylvania!

IMG 2847

 Amy was hard at work as well working on a wedding……

IMG 2879

 She showed me how she opens up each petal on the roses……I posted the video on Facebook.

IMG 2886

 Meanwhile, the house next door has been sold and the new owners are going to rent it out.  They seem to be cleaning out the place and I suspect have a major remodel as nothing had been done since the house was built in the 50’s.  I’m sad they cut down a beautiful Podocarpus  tree that was right next to us.  Missing it!

IMG 2888

Don’t miss ‘Power & Pathos’, Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World’ at the Getty.  I first read about it in The New York Review of Books.  

IMG 2896

 Saturdays class was wonderful.  I’m sooooo proud of Kathy!

IMG 2912

IMG 2923

 Thank you Kathy for these wonderful Matryoshka/Babushka Russian Nesting Dolls from your travels in Russia and for the beautiful coasters from France!

IMG 2901

 New student Harry flew in From Reno, Nevada just for class!

IMG 2924

 I was delighted to be gifted by Harry with this beautiful hand-turned Malachite Truestone pen he made.  It’s plated with Rhodium and will be a treasured keepsake!

IMG 2984

 ……and this turned and numbered drawing pencil.

IMG 2988

 The subject was roses and I had some in the studio from the garden.  This heart was NOT painted on!

IMG 2904

 Thank you Kaley for the yummylicious Banana Cream Bread Pudding!  Sooooooo good!

IMG 2950

I wish you a week of enjoyment in doing all the wonderful things that bring you pleasure!IMG 2841

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