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I absolutely love, love, love the look of the blog now.  It was Nikka’s idea and she created it! 

Sunday started the week off with meeting Tomiko at Pacific Theatre in Americana.  I was a bit early and could not get over the lines at both the ticket area and will call.  This photo doesn’t do it justice.
IMG 2926

 Got our tickets for Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible’ and must say it was one great ride!  Ate way too much popcorn.  It’s not a good idea to get the large size with the instant refill.  I’m sure you agree but on the other hand, I bet you have more self control so it really wouldn’t matter.

IMG 2949

 Tomiko loves Anthropologie.  I love just plopping down!

IMG 2951

 Kinda sworn off Bar Verde so it was off to Amici Trattoria where I got my usual Sole.  I love the way they do the tomatoes……quite fresh with lots of Basil!  You can see my Campari with Sparkling Water…my drink of choice in the summer.  Learned that at the Ritz Bar in Paris.  (Sorry, had to place drop.)

IMG 2952

 The folks at asked me to write a blog about my inspiration as an artist and they dubbed me ‘The Monet of Brush Painters’.  Kinda has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

IMG 2974

 I dug up this photo of me at Monet’s Garden in Giverny for the blog.  Oh dear, that hair!!!

IMG 3012

Ahhhhhh Heaven…………

IMG 2976

 His kitchen is a dream and oh what a bedroom with the biggest, softest down filled duvet in the world!  It was all I could do to keep myself from flinging onto it!!!

IMG 2975

 Sigh……  Back to work.  Focused on Roses and having so much fun.  It’s all so fresh and spontaneous.  Don’t worry about the form…just delight in playing!

IMG 2991

 This Yogurt Marinated Chicken with Couscous and Mint from the Green Chef sustained me.

IMG 2990

The next evenings Lamb and Sweet Potato Sliders with Grape Arugula Salad was equally yummy!IMG 3015

Wednesday the 19th was our anniversary celebrating 20 years together.  Actually it’s about 21 and a half.

IMG 3020

 Charles would always make these wonderful and quite clever cards for me and here’s one he wrote……

IMG 3017

 Wednesday was also class day at the Huntington but we were evacuated at 1:00 due to a gas leak on the grounds.

IMG 3040

 Actually I was quite delighted as it gave me a chance to easily drive to El Monte to pick up the painting I’ll be donating to Robinson Garden’s big fund raising gala in September.

IMG 3041

 Just in case you need this factoid, the Thrifty Ice Cream plant is on Telstar Avenue in El Monte.  Now aren’t you glad you’re reading this?

IMG 3045

 Back to our anniversary……..we decided to celebrate on the 20th instead as I was really pooped.  Good thing Vicki had made this Southwestern Black Bean Soup with Lima Bean Succotash from the Green Chef.  It was vegan so we added grilled chicken!

IMG 3049

As with all the Green Chef recipes…..they’re delicious but cleanup is a bear……

IMG 3050

And here comes another Green Chef delivery…….IMG 3052

Back to the anniversary….Amici Trattoria seemed like the easiest place to get to.

IMG 3056


IMG 3063

My usual…..Sole.  Don’t you love the way I’m my own bartender!

IMG 3062

Next to Kaley’s Panna Cotta, this came in a close second……

IMG 3065

 Yes, the server’s mixing Risotto with Truffles and Black Mushrooms right in that big wheel of cheese!

IMG 3069

 On my way to Staples I spied this rider and pup… driving on Riverside Drive past the stables…….

IMG 3088

 Friday, as always, Nikka and I have a lot of catching up to do in the office.  I was also busy mounting the weeks work…..

IMG 3097

 Saturday mom came over to help celebrate Nikka’s birthday (a day early) and Nikka showed mom the latest work.

IMG 3116

 Of course we ordered Chinese from Gourmet 88 as this is always our go-to celebratory meal!

IMG 3119

Lets hear it for the cake…..

IMG 3127

 Make a wish……

IMG 3125

I sure love Nikka……

IMG 3130

 Kita was getting very jealous and angry at being cordoned off so she attacked the sofa!  I thought those days were long gone…..

IMG 3139

 This is one of the greatest photo’s ever!!!

IMG 3153

 I hope you take time this week to notice all the beautiful things along your way!

IMG 3047

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