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…Where does inspiration come from?  Does it land full force like a space ship from Mars or settle gently like a cool breeze?  I don’t know but what I do know is that in doing the painting for Robinson Gardens an avalanche of ‘inspiration’ tumbled down upon me in the form of ROSES!  This was the first painting in a large format for the series and you can see I was trying to decide if I wanted to be in Peony or Rose heaven….

IMG 3109

It didn’t stop there….

IMG 3204

This then was the final painting in the series on Monday…..along with several others in a smaller size format.

IMG 3207

I’m thinking of these three as a triptych.

IMG 3277

I was amazed to see we had enough new cards created to fill an entire page in our catalog.

IMG 3413

Thursday evening I delivered the original artwork to Diane Jenkins when we met at Valerie’s, along with a small ‘book’ Nikka and I created describing the inspiration and process of the painting.

IMG 3282

What started it all.IMG 3041

On the lighter side I’m pleased to report that I’ve now seen ‘Inside Out’ for the third time!  It happened last Sunday with Sandie Girl and Dr. Jim.  Take away lesson….joy needs sadness to be complete.

IMG 3198

O.K. foodies, you know you want it….Lobster Pot Pie at Bourbon Steak House

IMG 3200

IMG 3189

IMG 3199

I had the usual suspects, Tuna Tartare and Foie Gras.

IMG 3178

IMG 3191

I’m quite impressed with the effort mom makes when I go over. Full makeup and pearls!  WOW!IMG 3261

You’ve seen this one before.  Cheesecake Factory take out.  I always get the Skinnylicious Salmon which would work well on my ‘diet’ if I wouldn’t consume massive quantities of their bread and butter!

IMG 3258

I don’t know if you have ‘Classical Arts Showcase ‘ on your cable system….We get it on Charter #96.  With a beautiful selection of all the arts you’re bound to catch something that will ‘inspire’ you.  I thought Pavarotti had the definitive Nessun Dorma but watching this segment of  ‘La Boheme’ got me to YouTube for Bjoerlings version.

IMG 3262

How’s this for inspiration…..I still can’t believe I was up at 3:00 A.M. to get this moon shot from the studio. 

IMG 3274

I’ll be blogging about Valerie’s soiree to celebrate Satinder Dhiman’s latest book ‘Gandhi and Leadership’.  Can you imagine what an ‘inspiration’ it was to see my name in the acknowledgments?

IMG 3340

Could we have more fun in the studio?….I doubt it!

IMG 3367


We set up two tables in the reception area of the studio to properly display this amazing silk scroll copy of arguably one of the most famous paintings in China….’Dwelling in Fuchun Mountain’ by Huang Gongwang 1269-1354.  Brought to us by new student John who said that this was what inspired him to begin studying Chinese Brush painting with me.IMG 3394

Inspiration seems to take many forms…..

IMG 3373

We’re so proud of Dr. Eileen who was inspired to become a docent at the Huntington Botanical Gardens.  This entails a lot of study and a love of the gardens.

IMG 3402

Find some puppy joy this week and it may come wrapped up in inspiration!

IMG 3301


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