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That’s an easy one to answer.  It’s all about sharing experiences and if you’re a foodie, or a foodie in training, I can recommend no one better than Clara Yang, my partner in discovery and joyful adventures.  From tea at the Peninsula……

IMG 9254….. to Chinese Haute Cuisine at Joss Cuisine on Santa Monica in Beverly Hills….or a stop over at Nobu Matsuhisa on La Cienega.  I just surrender to Clara’s refined palate and judgement and always have a memorable experience!   ✌️ This brings me joy!

Sometimes you just want to share an easy time together and Clara was so kind to drive from Santa Monica to Americana.  Now who would do that….it should be the other way around but I was just too pooped!

We settled on Amici Trattoria for lunch where you can get a decent enough Italian meal as they use the freshest ingredients with simple presentations.  We decided on lightly breaded sole that I always wind up getting and it was quite good!

IMG 3559

What’s going on here?  Am I talking ‘Italian’??? There should be a bubble over my head…..

IMG 3562

Ahhhh…..that’s more like it!

IMG 3578

This was not…I repeat…not my idea!  Cannoli Siciliani: Ricotta, Valrhona Chocolate and Pistachios.  Oh soooo good! 👍 We split it in case you’re wondering.

IMG 3565

For my Facebook friends you already know I reached my personal best….seeing ‘Inside Out’ for the fourth time.  Clara had not seen it and I didn’t want her to miss it!

IMG 3577

I have to tell you I got even more out of it the 4th time and cried in the same and also different places……For two joyful souls, we really ‘got’ that sadness can’t be ignored and enhances a persons joy.  WOW!

IMG 3572

A little shopping therapy at Nordstrom afterwards and then pop-ins at Barnes and Noble and Sephora.

IMG 3589

Well, if it’s not food it’s dogs that gets me every time.  Special thanks to everyone who has ever patiently waited while I photograph any doggie that crosses my path!

IMG 3585

 Bye bye dear Clara and thank you for a beautiful, joy filled day!

IMG 3588The Burbank Cultural Arts Commission asked me to be one of the judges for a ‘Beautification’ project along with famed muralist Kent Twitchell . IMG 3640 This was certainly two hours well spent.  I’m always in awe of all the talent that’s absolutely everywhere and it was thrilling for me to read the applications and get the artists views on their work and aspirations.  We just had that two hours but I took the time to also look up websites if they were listed as this gives one even more insight.

Group photo! It was wonderful to see Edward Clift, President of Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara!  In the middle is Lynda Wilner then Kent and Jonelle Pickett. The very tall Dink O’Neal is behind us.

IMG 3654

Vicki has mastered the selections from Green Chef.  It takes a lot to sort out the ingredients!

IMG 3650

…and then beautifully plate the finished results…

IMG 3655

Having fun at mom’s…….

IMG 3665

Meet Michael….the nicest jeweler in the city and arguably the most creative.  Let me know if you have something to be repaired or want a new piece designed by him & I’ll give you all the info.

IMG 3698

So happy my beautiful necklaces from Sandie Girl and Tomiko were repaired! 💞IMG 3679Michael let me try on this 5ct E diamond sold to some lucky woman…..

IMG 3728

Note to all friends…especially Amy:  Don’t wear white when you come over.  On second thought, don’t wear black….or anything good…..IMG 3711

Kita….PLEASE behave!

IMG 3726

Finally settling down to watch TV with Sir Charles….

IMG 3735

Saturday afternoon I met Tomiko at Recess Eatery and had my usual Ahi Tuna..

IMG 3741

Here’s a preview of the extraordinary Gala at Robinson Garden’s that I’ll show you on my next blog……

IMG 3809Marc Chagall painting at Michael’s…..Wishing you beauty in everything you do and see!

IMG 3680






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