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How true this always is with Sandie Girl and how delighted I was to see her completed Christmas Stocking lovingly made for Bella.   

IMG 7457

 The stitchery is so creative and utterly amazing and the love and care that went into this is awesome.  Little details like the tail on the squirrel being raised up and all the other creative details….Bravo Sandie!!! 

IMG 7460

 Chef Vicki prepared us a delicious Green Chef lunch….

IMG 7463

 So yummy I  was half way thru before I took this photo…

IMG 7477

 Kudos and thanks  to the Chef!

IMG 7475

Met The Pie at Bloomies for some lunch and Christmas shopping….Check out their shopping bag.  I’m taking the advice and seeing who’s been ‘naughty’ and who’s ‘nice’.

IMG 7445

Back again to Bloomies for more Christmas shopping. Of course it’s always joyful to see beautiful Mary and I had a smoothie to celebrate! Surprised?

IMG 7488

 Fortified it was time to do some Christmas shopping at Bloomies.  I love Sedic….she’s about the most loving, joyful soul on planet earth and it’s a treat for me to be able to purchase something at her ‘Jo Malone’ section in Bloomies.

IMG 7493

 Mom seems to love the ‘Habit’ burgers best of all and I’m addicted to their lettuce wraps!  Anything with fries works for Nikka!  Note:  The Caesar Salad with Chicken is good too!

IMG 7495

 My happy place?  Of course it’s ‘Pirch’ and what better than a cooking class there with Sweet Amy! See the bacon???

IMG 7511

IMG 7512

IMG 7513

 The white asparagus brought back memories of Italy where they celebrate it’s season…..

IMG 7514There was a whole lot of chopping and dicing goin’ on!

IMG 7557

IMG 7532

 Amy wants to get a Wood Stone Oven……So I do too!

IMG 7531

 Oh my…the perfect tomatoes…..They would go into the blender with assorted onion, herbs and such for the lasagna…. 

IMG 7535

 …. and the Pork Chorizo that Amy browned.  

IMG 7534

That would be layered with the Béchamel that I made along with lots and lots of grated cheese.IMG 7525

 Oh sooooo cheesy good!

IMG 7563

These fried won tons were so delicious I can’t even begin to describe them…

IMG 7555

Amy made the squash and I got to pour a ton of Maple Syrup on top!IMG 7561

We hated to eat and run but it was time for the ‘Lincoln Center at the Movies’ at the AMC.  The Nutcracker is an all time favorite at Christmas and this was a film of the New York City Ballet’s production with choreography by George Balanchine.  Of course everyone loves Tchaikovsky! Here’s the famous grand pas de deux!

IMG 7596Time for desert.  Back to Pirch we went where John and Jiro (correct….his name is actually Gerald) were whipping up some mighty wicked deserts.

IMG 7611

Miniature pound cakes topped with melted Brie & Chocolate Sauce.  How bad could it be?

IMG 7613

Jiro was an artiste at decorating the Gingerbread Men…..

IMG 7631

Amy and I shared one.  Ooooooo noooooooo Mr. Bill!!!IMG 7636

This little guy wondered where his cookie was…..

IMG 7641

O.K. Peeps.  That’s about all the joy I can take in for one week!

IMG 7629

Remember to take a time out for the fun stuff!


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