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   I saw The Bridges of Madison County at the Ahmanson and driving back had quite a discussion on what love is…..

IMG 7891

  I ‘loved’ their tree……

IMG 7892

Amazing Marsha Ramos had an open house.  She’s my template for doing good but as she’s set the bar so high it’s rather tough.  I first met Marsha when she was Mayor of Burbank and we were both judges for the DWP’s school art contest.

IMG 7894

 I was able to finish up my Christmas shopping with wonderful hand made with love items created by Sister Regina Palamara to benefit the Cabrini Mission of Ethiopia.

IMG 7900




 Time for dinner at my new favorite place.  Commonwealth.  It’s in Burbank but honestly, you won’t get more amazing food anywhere in L.A.

IMG 7905

IMG 7906

 Hudson Valley Duck Confit, Sauce Charcutiere, Pickled Papaya, Toasted Bread

IMG 7907

 Must have this every time….Truffle Mushroom Risotto, Mascarpone, Truffle Butter

IMG 7908

 You know I gotta have Pan Seared Duck Foie Gras!

IMG 7911

 Back in the studio.  Nikka used a ladder to create this scene at the top of some cabinets.

IMG 7920

 The ‘blinged out bunny’ is my mom and the blue bear got stuck in the bag and can’t climb out!

IMG 7923

 Sweet Amy checks out the tree…..

IMG 7993

 ….As does The Pie…..

IMG 8054

 Everyone loves ‘Painting White Birds’ and the Huntington class was no exception.

IMG 8004

 That’s correct Santa, you heard right….I’ve been NICE…got it???? Don’t look so surprised.

IMG 8030

 Festivities at the University Club in Pasadena….

IMG 8034

 I asked for a RARE Ribeye……

IMG 8042

 It’s no secret that Kita is in love with Brett.  Krista is tolerated along with the rest of us……

IMG 8058

 Studio tree approval.  Can’t wait ‘till next year to put up the one downstairs.  Puppy should be behaving by then.

IMG 8072

This is probably how she will feel about it.

IMG 8080

 Michael Powers comes from MA to paint his annual Christmas card. This year’s theme was an ‘Adirondack Dream’ showing the Seventh Lake Road Bridge and a typical Adirondack chair painted red for Santa!

IMG 8083

Of course Nikka did a fabulous job converting the image to greeting cards.

IMG 8098

It was so much fun!

IMG 8146

Get out the Christmas Crackers!  These musical ones are the best.  I’m the conductor….everyone has a numbered ‘horn’ and when I point at them they have to toot as directed.  Oh the power of it all.  Anyway, they’re so much fun and you’ll wind up laughing so much it will be hard to get any semblance of a tune out of your guests.

IMG 8079

I think I’ve finished the Christmas cards so if you haven’t received one from us PLEASE let me know.  All shopping is done, menu planned…check, check, check!  WHEW!

IMG 8116Wishing you the loveliest Christmas ever!


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