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…Beginning with Tai Ling Wong coming to pick up the cards she ordered for USC Pacific Asia Museum’s Gift Shop.  Of course she’s old friends with Kita and they had a fine time together with Kita actually behaving herself.

IMG 8795

Tai Ling, Manager of the Gift Shop,  had been working on inventory (ug) at the museum with sweet Susan….

IMG 8802

Time to visit the studio again and this time it’s the Christmas tree and toys…..

IMG 8804

Now this is where life gets really interesting and ‘coincidental’.  Pamela Tom has been working on a documentary about the life of Tyrus Wong, our National Treasure and Disney ‘Legend’.  I recently blogged about going to a screening for it.  Wonderful to see and hear Lisa See who did the narration.  Anyway, do you get the connection? Tai Ling is Tyrus’s daughter! In one day, Tai Ling WONG and Pam Tom.  Pam had left her car at the house for a couple of weeks and that evening I picked her and daughter Asia up at the airport. I had not seen Asia for some time and my memory of her was of a little girl visiting the studio. She’s quite the lovely young lady and an accomplished violinist!

IMG 8989

I wanted to get a picture of Pam and Asia when we got to the house and they noticed Kita…wanting to see her.  ‘She’s going to want to jump on you’ says I.  ‘No problem, we love dogs!’ Little did they know what they were in for as this went on for over ten minutes…..

IMG 9006

 Pure JOY……

IMG 9010

 Puppy finally calmed down enough for a photo op….

IMG 9034

Dear Carol O’Toole has been a supporter since the early 90’s when she asked me to do a Serigraph for the Pasadena Showcase House.  we’ve been good friends ever since. It was great fun spending a day together at LACMA starting with a delicious lunch at Ray’s.  Carol had mentioned wanting to have a ‘Water Bar’ and I didn’t quite ‘get it’ until we saw the ‘water menu’ at Ray’s.  We had a big discussion with our server about it and I settled on my favorite….Voss.IMG 9092


IMG 9094

 I had the most amazing Steak Tartare with Avocado, Pine Nuts, Bernaise and some beautiful cheese.  I’d go back just for that!

IMG 9103

 Carol had gotten tickets in advance (a necessity) for The Rain Room.  This exhibit is a specially ticketed, time-entry experience that has been extended through April 24th.  If you haven’t seen it I really highly recommend you do so.  It’s remarkable and great fun.

IMG 9110

 Anywhere you walk in the room, it stops raining above you.  You walk through all this rain, moving slowly and the rain stops right where you are.  I promise you will not get wet but do wear rubber soled shoes.

IMG 9111

 See, I’m dry as can be!

IMG 9115

 I also wanted to see Richard Serra’s ‘Band’ which should be considered one of the wonders of the world. It’s accurate to within a millimeter and more than 70 feet long!

IMG 9134

 How this steel was fabricated is beyond my comprehension….

IMG 9157

 I had promised Melody to go to her event at Pirch that evening and as it’s one of my happy places I was sure to go….

IMG 9171

 How that little fence contains Kita is beyond me especially when Sweet Lynne has a Greenie for her….

IMG 9198

 Lynne was working with Nikka in the office……

IMG 9205

 Nikka, Tomiko and I saw ‘Star Wars’….great fun…..

IMG 9237

 ….Afterwards we fed our faces at Katsuya….note the half full bag of movie popcorn…..

IMG 9249

 Haven’t I been saying…”Just say yes” all year!  

IMG 9254

 Sunday I went to Carol Soucek Kings ‘Salon on The Spiritually Creative Life’, a series that Carol has conducted on the second Sunday of each month for the past twenty years.  This year, instead of having a guest speaker each month, everyone in attendance with make a short comment on the days theme based on the ten chapters in Carol’s book ‘UNDER THE BRIDGES at ARROYO DEL REY”.  I was privileged to speak at the Salon twice, once on the book I illustrated, ‘Suma the Elephant’ in November of 2006.  That talk, ‘May You Always be Free’,  will be the theme on Sunday, March 13th under the broad topic of ‘Possibility’.  Let me know if you would like to go with me.

IMG 9259

 Duchess, Carol’s faithful dog was the subject of a Christmas card I painted for her.

IMG 9267

 O.K., let’s just give the Oscar to Leonardo di Caprio right now and get it over with.  Plus one for the cinematographer!  don’t miss this movie.  It’s rough and tough but a must see.

IMG 9293

 Have you tried the pork dumplings from Din Tai Fung?  No??? Well just get on over there and don’t let the hours wait stand in your way.  The Green Beans are also sensational.

IMG 9291Well, Katsuya was so great Trudy and I went there for lunch.IMG 9301

 Afterwards we went to her house to see photos of their trip to Japan…..

IMG 9309

 What a delightful couple and both so talented….Geoff and Trudy!

IMG 9315

 The sky has been so incredibly beautiful I thought I’d end this blog entry with some photos I took…..

IMG 9088

IMG 9058

IMG 8742

IMG 9182

 This was worth getting up at 5:00 A.M. for!

IMG 9190

IMG 9318

IMG 9436

 Wishing you beautiful sunrises, beautiful sunsets, and golden days in between!

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