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The theatre is a fun way to start the week and ‘An Act of God’ was hilariously wonderful! Sean Hayes delivered a tour de force of a performance!

IMG 0418

IMG 0424

 Kendall’s Brasserie at the Music Center can always be counted on for a delicious meal.  Besides they have the best bread!

IMG 0425

 ….and the squash soup was wonderful!

IMG 0427

 Carnivore that I am I love having the Steak Tartare.

IMG 0431

 Every year there is a ‘Lunch With the Scientists’ luncheon at UCLA to inform the guests of the Iris Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center work.  I’m thrilled that Miss Judith invited me.  Here we are just about ready to leave…..Lizzie Girl with Eileen in the middle and new friend, Julie who has the most interesting story being born in Japan.  Her mother is Japanese and her father from Hungary.  Loved her story!

IMG 0444

We’re hungry!IMG 0455

Smile Miss Judith and Eileen!

IMG 0463

 Miss Judith is on the ‘Executive Advisory Board’ and it goes without saying that she’s my template for doing good!

IMG 0471

 A memorable day topped with the best chocolate in the world.  Big thanks Miss Judith!

IMG 0478

 From the sublime to…..Peterson Automotive Museum for a special Music Center ‘Founders’ event…….

IMG 0488

 I immediately put dibs on this 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom1.  A derelict, it was rescued and restored in the early 50’s.

IMG 0541

Amy went with this newer number……

IMG 0498

IMG 0506

 We had drinks and then wandered to the third floor waiting for dinner to be served.  Docent Tom, told us this little Honda motorcycle put Honda on the map.  They sold 88 million of them in the ’60’s.  Imagine!

IMG 0522

Finally and can you believe we were at table 11?IMG 0537

 The young musicians are from the ‘Spotlight Academy’, an educational program for high school students sponsored by the Music Center.  One of the many things the ‘Founders’ support.

IMG 0539

 This salad was sooooooo good!

IMG 0544

 Carnivore time…..

IMG 0548

 Bring on the chocolate.  (There was also the most incredible chocolate candy at each table.)

IMG 0550

Time for fun and frolicking.  Amy, Nikka & I went to an ‘I Love Coco’ event on Friday at Bar Marmont on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood.

IMG 0557

I talked Nikka into getting a temporary tattoo for fun…..

IMG 0558

You’ll see about the nails in just a bit……IMG 0630

But first a libation at the bar……IMG 0567

Photo op.  I never realized how heavy a real guitar is……

0182 975ZJ9 2  dragged

We had about three seconds to change poses….0182 975ZJ9 3  dragged

Picking out nail polish colors……IMG 0575

IMG 0578

Time to photograph the results……

IMG 0584

0138 8GZ5NF

That looked like so much fun I asked if I could do it even though I didn’t have a manicure……I mean, after all, I do love Coco!

0140 ERH3HI

Oh look….a photo booth.  Do you think we three can squeeze in?  Lets try!

IMG 0601

Mission accomplished.  Next…Nikka gets some tips on lipstick……

IMG 0594

Time to saunter over to Chateau Marmont to investigate things.  The elevator creeped us out but we were brave. (It’s been years since I was there and nothing has changed.)  Actually, nothing has changed  since 1929!IMG 0622Care to sing a little tune for us Amy?

IMG 0614O.K., enough of old Hollywood…..We wound up at Bar Bouchon across from the Montage Hotel where they have the best tomato soup…..

IMG 0633

I saw a bowl of popcorn on another table so……..

IMG 0636

Time for my favorite……Goose pate.  Foie Gras!!!!  I think I just like to hear Amy say ‘Goose’!

IMG 0637

Brush painting class in the Studio on Saturday was wonderful.  Lots of inspiring conversation by all and happiness finding the mystery of the Plum.

IMG 0648

Mary Beth came by and took Kita for a delightful walk in the hills.  Miraculously she was fine with the little appetizer dog to the right.

IMG 0655

Wishing you a fun week!

IMG 0551


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