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 I was so happy when Clara told me she had found the perfect home not only for herself but also for her parents when they visit from China.  It was exciting to go to Santa Monica and be in her beautiful new nest.

Is this the face of joy or what!!! We had great fun sampling different kinds of tea and a lovely  cake with whipped cream and fresh fruit Clara got just for me from ‘Sweet Lady Jane Bakery’ on Montana in Santa Monica.

IMG 0954

IMG 0955

The colors Clara used in her home are so exquisite I’m going to have to go back and photograph them.  They just send you to a place of serenity.

Time to eat…..Clara treated me to ‘Sushi King’ which is worth the drive to Santa Monica.

IMG 0959

Seems Nikka and I have found the perfect spot to ‘chill out’ with Tina Marie!  The Beverly Hills Hotel.

IMG 0964

 Amazing things always seem to happen and none more so than when Tina received this complimentary champagne from a ‘secret admirer’.  No joke!

IMG 0969

 Back to planet earth and lunch with Molly before she and Victor are off again to their condo in Mexico.  Meeting at Bar Verde (the patio area) is a good half way point.

IMG 0992

 I forgot the wonderful salad we had but did take a photo of this.  Molly’s idea…..not mine!

IMG 0990

 Next stop ‘Din Tai Fung’ to get some take out pork dumplings and their amazing garlic green beans.

IMG 0995

 O.K., let’s talk Easter.  Seems like the butcher’s at Whole Foods had no idea what I was talking about when I said I wanted a ‘Spring Lamb’.  I finally connected and got a leg of lamb from Australia, had it boned and lightly tied.  I’m going to spare you the details but will say it was more grizzle than anything.  Major disappointment as is the remodeled store.  More like a Ralph’s now. Also, they no longer sell pate by the block but have awful pre-packaged stuff.

IMG 1010

 Back to lovelier thoughts.  Sweet Diana always goes to Farmer’s Market to get me a posy before class.  This Lavendar was exquisite.

IMG 1020

 Sandie Girl wanted to paint Sunflowers and everyone enjoyed it.

IMG 1027

 On to Easter Sunday.  We had the most beautiful table EVER thanks to dear Amy at Le Jardin Privé.  New name, same exquisite flowers!

IMG 1043

Waiting for guests Tina Marie, Mary and Keith.  Can you believe I didn’t take photo’s of everyone or the food……I’m shocked!

IMG 1060

 Thank you for the wonderful Easter Basket Tina Marie.  Special thanks for the Rubber Ducky to add to my collection!

IMG 1049

 Mary you were so sweet to bring this and good thing you brought the chicken as Whole Foods let me down with that lamb.

IMG 1058

 Kita got a great shank bone for Easter and has not let it out of her sight carting it about and staring at it.

IMG 1075

 I love the special perks….LA Opera’s Founder’s Luncheon for the Bella Voce Society followed by a performance by students of the Domingo-Colburn-Stein Young Artist Program.

IMG 1078

 I had an extra ticket and asked Carol if she’d like to go but her attorney beat me to it. She’s sharing a laugh with Sally Beaudet.

IMG 1083

 This was amazing to me.  A photo of yours truly out of the hundreds of people who attend Carol’s ‘Salon through the past 22 years in the current issue of ‘ARROYO’ a Pasadena monthly magazine.  I’ve been honored to speak at the Salon twice….Once on the amazing book ‘SUMA the ELEPHANT’.

IMG 1310

 I don’t know….Kita never pays this kind of attention to me.  Just saying……

IMG 1165

 Wonderful Tom……Wonderful Calligraphy class……Hi Violet!

IMG 1167

 Calligraphy here & then I had an appointment.  In between we had a phone call. “Are you a card store?” ‘ No says I but we do have cards’.  Short story, she had been at a wedding & needed a card for the reception at 6:00.  I told her to come over and we’d do a custom card for her.  Of course she could have been an ax murderer (as could we) or a home invasion scheme.  I was told that she thought O.K., if I don’t get ‘bad vibes’ I’ll go in.  We had the grandest time, Nikka did a lovely card that we gifted her with. Heres Bridget, our new friend!

IMG 1189

On Sunday I had gotten home from that amazing day I just blogged about….

IMG 1249

…..changed my clothes and to my great delight….Martin stopped by  to say hello with girlfriend Nicole and Lab Jasper in tow.  Just here for 3 days from Boston and hours away from catching a plane back.

IMG 1282

 Martin started working for me packing cards when he was 15.  I was his very first employer and he says the best!  I’m so proud of him and the amazing work he’s doing on the job in Boston.

IMG 1288

Just time enough for Nicole to visit the studio….IMG 1275

 I’ll close with new neighbor Tulip, a sweet rescue senior Pit Bull.  I already love her dearly and delight when she wags her tail to greet me.  Tulip is the recipient of many treats which concerns Kita greatly.

May we continually find ourselves ‘rescued’ and receiving many treats!IMG 1186

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