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….I’ve mentioned before how I love my Sandie Girl ‘fix’ each weekend and this was no exception.  Brunch at the Reilly’s…The cutest part was watching the male guests surround Sandie Girl at the grill…

IMG 2188

One was in charge of the bacon because after all….it’s all about the bacon!

IMG 2199Another assisted with the blueberry pancakes….Sandie even made her own Blueberry syrup for the pancakes.  Soooo good!

IMG 2197If you  want to pretend you’re back in Paris eating a croissant then dash over to Nichole’s Gourmet Foods in South Pas.  These yummylicious treats come frozen and are the best ever short of France where they’re flown in from.

IMG 2204

They’re almost all gone here……..IMG 2186Mmmmmmmm, sooooo good!

IMG 2220This little piggy could not fill her plate high enough!

IMG 2200Time out poolside…..

IMG 2211

IMG 2208Thank you Jim and Sandie Girl for a memorable time!

IMG 2226Marsha, my grade school friend from Chicago, said I simply must see ‘The First Monday in May’ which coincidentally was playing at the Laemmle in Pasadena.

IMG 2237

IMG 2245

This documentary follows the creation of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts most attended fashion exhibition in history, ‘China:Through the Looking Glass’.

I can’t rave enough about this fascinating movie and you can watch it at home by going to

IMG 2238

To polish off my movie ‘fix’ I also saw ‘Our Last Tango’ which is a documentary about Argentine tango dancers Maria Nieves Rego & Juan Carlos Copes and their love hate relationship throughout their career as tango partners.  That one is still at the Laemmle.

IMG 2246

The shipping department has these e-bay shoes ready to go!IMG 2253

Puppy gets her bath and this time Liz had no difficulty getting her into the tub and we had no problem with her escaping afterwards.  All is well!

IMG 2269

Lizzie and I meet again at Bloomies for our Smoothie fix….

IMG 2299Hmmmmm….I have a memory of getting a mattress last year about this time after lunch with Lizzie at Bloomies…..Yup, I did it again!  (Long story.)

IMG 2306

When I need a special gift here’s my go to gal at Jo Malone’s in Bloomingdales!

IMG 2305

Can I even begin to describe how delighted we are to have Trudy back from her two month sojourn in Europe?  Truth is Kita is besides herself with joy!

IMG 2311I’m finding it very hard to share these Neuhaus chocolates.  Thank you dear Trudy!

May your days be filled with sweetness!!!IMG 2312

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