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…Laurie Pie planned an amazing day at the original Farmers Market on 3rd & Fairfax for a birthday celebration for me.  If you haven’t been there for a while it’s time for a real treat.  We had so much fun walking about looking at everything and finally settling on Monsieur Marcel for lunch….By the way, she’s Laurie Pie because she prefers PIE to birthday cake!

IMG 3645

 They have the most incredible handmade Macaroons made by Les Macarons Duverger (also sold at Whole Foods).  Light as air meringue discs with a perfect ganache filling. Ahhhh Paris! This was way better than cake!

IMG 3644

 Afterwards we stopped in at the  Monsieur Marcel French Gourmet Shop which is my new favorite place and anyone who wants to go visit….I’m sooooo ready!

IMG 3649

Yes, this ‘Grande Vecchio’ 100 year old Balsamic reduction is only $450.00 a bottle. Notice they keep it under wraps or should I say ‘glass’.  I’d put it on my perfume shelf! 

IMG 3652

 I dragged poor Laurie about looking for a certain type of pot scrubbing brush and half way thru the new area of the Grove discovered I had left my American Express card back at Sur la Table.  Of course, after that hike back we needed See’s chocolates!

IMG 3659

 This five month old Akita was already a handful for his owners so of course I gave them my card I told them to phone anytime…..They have nooooooo idea!

IMG 3668

 Dan, Lauries Prince, gave me this cartoon knowing we were going to Farmer’s market.  So cute!

IMG 3673

 Meanwhile, back on the hill, I spied Tulip going to work…….Sorry puppy, no treat in my pocket!

IMG 3678

 Thought you’d like to see the last Peonies of the season courtesy of dear Amy!

IMG 3685

 Love construction, love big trucks that move and do things and fortunately really loved this one as it completed the road the day before class at the Huntington!

IMG 3689

IMG 3694


Bye, bye and thank you!IMG 3696

 We painted the Chinese Orchid and Lavender in class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens and it was great fun!  I was so grateful to have Nikka able to help me for the day.

IMG 3704

 After class Nikka and I went to Chang’s in El Monte to have Lizzie’s artwork framed.

IMG 3742

After that it was off to the Reilly’s for an alfresco dinner and playtime with grand baby (growing up fast) Noah!  Nikka was so adorable with Noah…..he’s amazing!

IMG 3743


IMG 3730

O.K., more birthday stuff.  This time, with beautiful Tina Marie at Crustacean in Beverly Hills.  I really appreciated thoughtful Tina picking out such a perfect spot.  I love seeing the Koi/Carp under the glass walkway.

IMG 3773


Awwwww………IMG 3779

What’s really funny is that while I posted this event on Facebook a month after my birthday, I got a ton of Happy B-day wishes.  This one from our dear Lynne Tucker!IMG 3781

 Peter and Jim flew in from Dallas just for class.  Peter had been a student years ago before moving to Texas.  He asked to study Bamboo and boy, did we ever!

IMG 3782

After class Nikka and I went to Home Depot for a new doorbell and got one ‘As Seen On TV’.

IMG 3788

It’s sooooo cool!

IMG 3953

The ‘Ring Video Doorbell’ allows you to see who’s at your front door from absolutely anywhere on your iPhone.  I’ve had more fun calling the house when I’m out and about with people and telling Vicki to go out and ring the doorbell and talk to us. 


IMG 3954

 After that shopping expedition we stopped at Habit for yummy burgers and fries.  I always get a lettuce wrap as I like to kid myself about calories.

IMG 3790

 See what I mean?

IMG 3793

Wishing you lovely marshmallow skies each and every day!

IMG 3804




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