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….…..for so many people and there’s no exception at the Parkers!  However, Sir Charles gets treated royally and makes our hearts glad. The Bistro Gardens on Ventura Bulevard is a lovely place to celebrate!

IMG 3861

IMG 3858

But first there were presents….

IMG 3825

IMG 3837

I posted a favorite photograph of my father on Facebook….

IMG 3876

Next day I met Lizzie Girl at mom’s and off we went to Pasadena in that 100 degree plus weather….

 A Birthday lunch at Settebello’s……

IMG 3894Then thanks to Lizzie’s noticing it, one of the most awesome movies ever at the Laemmle!  A HBO Documentary ‘The Music of Strangers’ telling how Yo Yo Ma got musicians from all over the world to work together to create new and exciting music. They’re called ‘The Silk Road Ensemble’.  It was so heartfelt and I hope everyone sees it.  If you don’t catch it at the Laemmle I think you can order it on Netflicks. We needed a lot of Kleenex and a large popcorn!

IMG 3895

Time to catch up with Rose and Joan at Prosecco Tratoria in Toluca Lake.  IMG 3914We all had Whitefish which was delicious as always…

IMG 3911

But I could not pass up having this as well!IMG 3915I’m thoroughly disgusted with Viking products as I’ve had to replace the dishwasher, oven and now the stovetop.  Note to self:  Do due diligence and don’t be impressed by names.  Jean at Pirch always takes such extra special good care of me and there’s always a yummy treat waiting.

IMG 3924

Off to meet Nikka and mom at Cheesecake where the first thing to order is a Mangoe Smoothie… good but needs Boba!

IMG 3929Something was definitely off as we had to send this hot mess of a Nacho dish back and Nikka’s shrimp went back because we found out a new chef had used brown sugar instead of bread crumbs.  The server kept saying brown sugar was in the recipe.  Ha!  What about the customer is ALWAYS right???

IMG 3934Measuring for the new stovetop….

IMG 3951I think I need a new fridge in the studio as well…What on earth is going on?  Is this an appliance meltdown???

IMG 3945

 It’s always so wonderful when Olga comes over and we’re able to catch up over tea and cookies with this evening lasting ’till midnight!!  This amazing hand painted little bowl was brought back from Peru for me.  The detail on it is extraordinary & I can just picture the very, very tiny brush!

IMG 3959

 Here’s one of my demo paintings from class on Saturday in the studio…..Chinese Magnolia in case you can’t tell!

IMG 3970

 I was famished after class so Nikka and I headed straight for Habit Burgers and got the very best ever.  The fries were amazing!

IMG 3967

 Too bad Baskin Robins is right next door!  Pralines and Cream….Oh soooooo good!

IMG 3972Wishing you a sweet week!

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