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…..has got to be one of my favorite things to do.  IMG 4430Perhaps it’s because all of the china is hand painted by my dear friend, beautiful Lissi Kaplan, with love and tender care.

IMG 4432

I always love describing the work of my amazingly gifted friend.IMG 4443

Adorable Patricia and I spent an enchanted afternoon until we realized the day had turned to dusk!

IMG 4440

IMG 4438

Is there a puppy I can see without photographing? Here’s a stylish pooch who is enjoying his stay at the Peninsula.IMG 4452

 Awwww…..I so love Sweet Maria who visited the studio for lunch!

IMG 4474I had this Mozzarella Cheese with Tomatoes and Basil as an appetizer…..Good EVOO thanks to Miss Judith.  Sea salt and Balsamic Vinegar. Yummy!

IMG 4473

 Don’t miss ‘The Art of the Steal’ available on Netflix.  It’s a documentary about the city of Philadelphia and the Pew Foundation riding roughshod over the desires of Alfred E. Barnes who amassed one of the greatest post-impressionist collections in the country.

IMG 4502

 We studied Waterfalls in this months Landscape class in the studio.  Maria’s lovely flowers remain beautiful!

IMG 4483

I also tested two new ‘custom’ papers I ordered from China.IMG 4495

 Nikka posted the new Mood Seals onto  You can see them under ‘supplies’.

IMG 4481

 I was treated to lunch at Malbec by a friend with the L.A. Opera.This is Ahi Tuna although it looks like a slab of meat.  Amazingly delicious!

IMG 4508

 Is splitting this so very bad?

IMG 4506

Thank you L.A. Opera for this awesome CD!

IMG 4592

 Because I didn’t eat enough at lunch I met Nikka and mom at Cheesecake and polished  this off with a Mango Smoothie!

IMG 4513

 The Bamboo is planted but now the Deer Chaser needs to be re-connected.

IMG 4515

 The man in charge (Doing all the heavy duty digging and planting) was a fighter pilot!

IMG 4486

 Now that I’m in this domestic mode I’m delighted ‘Flipping Out’ is back!

IMG 4520

The lovely and most brilliant Lisa B. came over for a working lunch…..

IMG 4539

 Honest….we’re working!

IMG 4543

 As a matter of fact we worked so hard pizza from Pappa John’s had to be ordered!  (two of them!!!)

IMG 4546

Next day  Kita made new friends as she was waiting to see Dr. Aberman at VCA Animal Hospital (time for shots).

IMG 4531

This fellow was also waiting to see the vet but I suspect he had a case of hangover morning.

IMG 4532

 Meanwhile Nikka was in the studio with Tony Oliver and his wife Judy showing them how to manage the wonderful new website she created for Tony.  Check it out at 

IMG 4534

For Saturday’s class in the studio we painted Koi and Butterflies.  Mina brought her friend Marie from Washington.  We had so much fun I forgot to take a picture.  Imagine that!IMG 4548

 Our dear Ann was in town for just the weekend so we only had time for a short visit.  She loved the story behind this scroll commission.

IMG 4551

 Love you Ann!

IMG 4554

 I just had time to dash over to Americana to meet Sandie and Jim.  They were treating to “Finding Dora’.  How cute is that!

IMG 4562

 Along the way to dinner I had to stop for this awesome Long-haired Akita.

IMG 4566

 Wait up you two…..

IMG 4578

 Every restaurant we went to had a one hour wait for seating so back we went to Nordstrom’s Bar Verde.  They too were pretty busy but had mercy on starving us.  Thank you Sandie and Dr. Jim for the delightful treat!

IMG 4586

May your week be filled with happy times of friendship!

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