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IMG 4624

….at the home of Manuela Goren, CTG board member, and her husband James…..….began with Amy and me driving to a spot nearby their residence to be greeted by members of the CTG staff and then taking one of the several shuttle vans of to our hosts location.

IMG 4620

The very special event was a ‘Theatre Artists Dinner’ to introduce Center Theatre Group supporters to Betty Buckley and Rachel York along with ‘GRAY GARDENS THE MUSICAL’ Director, Michael Wilson and CTG Artistic Director Michael Ritchie. Here we go!IMG 4621

O.K. Peeps.  The following is for my foodie friends only!  

Thanks to amazing caterer Ray who you can reach at 818.966.0598, this was beyond delicious, yummy stuff wrapped in pastry….IMG 4626

Go ahead Amy…..IMG 4629

Oh my, this was by far the most delicious Smoked Salmon ever.  Moist and yummy with contrasting Creme Fresh and mystery ingredients….IMG 4643

Bravo to  Chef Ray for these Goat Cheese balls topped by sublime Fig Jam….IMG 4652

Time to sit down for dinner and of course I had to have everything…..sooo good!

IMG 4658

Always room for dessert and the fruit was a lovely, light touch…..

IMG 4673Kudos and special thanks to our generous and most gracious hosts Manuela and James……IMG 4675

The ever beautiful Natalie from CTG….IMG 4648

It’s always fun to photograph the photographer.IMG 4644It’s a miracle Betty Buckley got to eat anything.  Just think, this was her only night off!IMG 4656

The always delightful Becky also on the CTG staff….IMG 4659

‘GRAY GARDENS THE MUSICAL’ Director Michael Wilson, stars Rachel York and Betty Buckley with moderator CTG Artistic Director Michael Ritchie. What a fun time listening to them…IMG 4671

Wishing you lovely evenings, delightful days  and for a special treat, don’t miss ‘GRAY GARDENS THE MUSICAL’ at the Music Center’s Ahmanson Theatre!!!

IMG 4625

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