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If you want to relax, toss aside all cares and take a one day vacation then I suggest a day at the Bel-Air Hotel. Just seeing the swans as you approach the hotel will place you in another world….a world of serenity and great beauty……a reminder to live joyfully!

IMG 5595

 Even the powder room is delightful….

IMG 5596

….where you’re sure to encounter at least one pooch like Elvis!

IMG 5599

 Darling Patricia treated me to the most wonderful lunch in Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant which turned out to take way over five hours.  We even had a shift change in servers.

IMG 5609

 The crab cakes were cold but the truth is….the plate was hot when we were served.  I suppose anything would get cold in an hour!  They were still delicious and I loved the little hummingbird on the plate.

IMG 5605

 This halibut was the most tender and moist ever and how I love mangoes!

IMG 5623

 We were offered some cake from the birthday celebrants at the next table.  They even had ice cream bars.  Note to self:  Order ahead!

IMG 5628

 This is why we passed up the birthday cake!!!

IMG 5697

 Could I resist?  Maltese Cindy was lounging in the bar area….

IMG 5691

 The grounds are so tranquil and beautiful and we stopped everywhere to take it all in…..Thank you dear Patricia for such a memorable day!

IMG 5636

 Even doing some tree hugging…..

IMG 5679

 Of course I got a Rubber Swan.  You certainly don’t think they’d have Rubber Ducky’s do you???

IMG 5693

 This is the $100. book for the exhibit ‘ALTERED DREAMS’: 17th Century Chinese Paintings’ currently at LACMA. I almost bought it but the thought of lugging it back to the car was just too much.  I’ll check out Amazon. The exhibit features hundreds of 17th century scrolls collected by the Tsao family.

IMG 5764

 Kc wanted to make sure she captured everything….

IMG 5724

 As did Lulu….

IMG 5726

 This was one of my favorites as it is very similar to the work we study in Landscape class at the Nan Rae Studio on the 2nd Wednesday of each month..

IMG 5747

IMG 5748

There were also many fine ‘Flower/Bird paintings…This is a section of a very long scroll.IMG 5732

IMG 5735

 Here we are.  Lulu, Kathryn, Kc, Violet and Lynne taking a time out!

IMG 5767

 There was so much to see in this vast collection that we glazed over when about half through.  Time to restore at Ray’s.

IMG 5758

 Lovely Heirloom Tomatoes for the table….

IMG 5759

 Amazing Ahi Tuna…

IMG 5761

 Actually we got two wood fired pizzas, this Italian Pepperone and a Margherita.

IMG 5763

 Later in the week we were delighted when Nikka stopped by the Landscape class in the studio…..

IMG 5784

 Lulu brought her skill and grand imagination to bear on this scene….creating a pirates cove….

IMG 5794

 Kathryn was more traditional….

IMG 5796

 I suspect I’ll be working on mine for the rest of the month!

IMG 5807

 I finally saw ‘Gray Gardens the Musical’ with Betty Buckley….she’s always a treat!

IMG 5836

 In my next blog we enter ‘MANJIL’  a Hindi word meaning destination of the heart and that’s just where we’re going!

IMG 5852May your heart find it’s destination.


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