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….especially so because I have the most wonderful students!

Here’s the class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens where I have been teaching since the mid ’90’s.  When I started there the class was in an area that is now the Boone Gallery and the Botanical Staff worked out of trailers!  So many wonderful memories of happy artists.

IMG 5961

Awesome Maggie had to leave early so here’s a photo of a previous class….There she is to the far left.

IMG 4709

Thanks to Ralph, Nikka has started to paint as well….so cute!  Ralph’s family was instrumental in establishing the Bonsai Garden at the Huntington and I blogged about the special day we walked over to see a bench dedicated to his parents. Touching beyond description.

IMG 4702

 I think we have a budding artist here!

IMG 4699

 We always have so much fun and even get some amazing work done!!! I’m laughing because everyone ooooooed at this one brush stroke (the first) so much that I threatened to retire for the day!

IMG 5941

I continued on anyway…

IMG 5971

After class Nikka and I love to go to Din Tai Fung for dinner.  I think it’s because we love Boba’s!IMG 5970

Of course the studio class is dear to my heart and has been since 2000 when it came into being.  Here’s a little group taking a lunch break….IMG 2154

I really do have the most amazing assistant and everyone is so appreciative of Nikka and the way she produces their beautiful artwork onto greeting cards and prints.  I’m so very proud of everyone.  Here’s Sweet Lynne.IMG 2156

Kathy is an artist extraordinaire and she is not only masterful at Brush painting but has widened her art knowledge in other mediums.IMG 1624

Both Kathy and Kathryn are getting out there with their beautiful work.  So proud!IMG 1617

 Look at Po Chu….great job!  We managed to cover two subjects that day.

IMG 6021

 Kayleen’s joy with this beautiful Peony says it all!

IMG 6025

I will never paint on a students work but I do like to hold their hand and guide the strokes for them so they can feel how light the touch is.  It seems to help a great deal.IMG 1683

 Amy & I combine our Ch’i!

IMG 6028

 Even new students Andrea and Julia do amazingly well…..

IMG 6236

 Diane and Cathy are students at the Huntington class who requested a private class in the studio.  It was great fun and we accomplished a lot.

IMG 6272

 I used to teach a Landscape class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens but it became easier to hold the class in the studio. There’s a different subject covered in depth each month.

IMG 6482

IMG 0829

I’m always impressed at how diligent everyone is….

IMG 2474Everyone gets to express their feelings about each subject and no one is better at that than Lulu!IMG 5793

Time to embarrass myself.  I was invited to an event at the Huntington for  Jade Circle donors to the Chinese Garden.  Hu Qiuping, a famous calligrapher from the China National Academy of Painting gave a lecture (interpreted) and afterwards the Huntington staff ‘volunteered’ me to be a ‘student’.  The thought running through my head quite loudly was ‘Why didn’t I attend more of Tom’s classes????’IMG 6329

 How am I doing?  Don’t answer that!

IMG 6332That did it.  I determined to show up for Tom’s calligraphy class in the studio the following Saturday.

IMG 6365

Just what I tell everyone….practice, practice, practice!IMG 6381

 Tom and I combined our Ch’i!

IMG 6398I wasted no time going on Amazon and ordering this amazing Zen Brush from Japan.  It’s a monster and only the brave need apply!

IMG 6465However you paint your life, may it be beautiful!





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