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 ….in the Nan Rae Studio, a space that was created in 2000 in part to enrich others and to be shared by visiting artist’s.

Light as a Feather DSC 0136

Perhaps none more gifted than Lissi Kaplan which was evident as we celebrated the launching of her new book, ‘LIGHT as a FEATHER’. Lissi has graced my life with her loving, caring heart and the strength of character & purpose that is her.  Lissi’s art is informed as much by her life’s journey as by her inspired love of beauty.  She’s truly a butterfly that’s emerged from a cocoon of struggle to be beautiful and glorious!

Light as a Feather DSC 0105 2

 Everyone was enraptured as Lissi shared the story of the little wren who inspired this heartfelt story.

Light as a Feather DSC 0110

IMG 7042

 Of course it was inspiring to learn how each beautiful porcelain piece is created by Lissi. Surely you remember how I always hold up the plates she creates for the Peninsula Hotel’s High Tea.

Light as a Feather DSC 0153

IMG 7046

I also wanted Lissi to share the story of her book ‘THE POWER OF A TEACUP’!

IMG 7045

 Joy filled the studio…..

Light as a Feather DSC 0148

Light as a Feather DSC 0098


Light as a Feather DSC 0146

A special heartfelt thank you has to go out to dear Amy at Le Jardin Privé  for creating the exquisite floral arrangements….All hand crafted with love!

Light as a Feather DSC 0052

Here’s another one designed by dear Amy.

IMG 7303

 Is it time for tea and treats?

Light as a Feather DSC 0054

How cute is this, identifying each tea!

IMG 7038

IMG 7064


IMG 7198

Sweet and savory….Scones, clotted cream, preserves,delicious cheese tarts, assorted cheeses and grapes just because.IMG 7061

 Beautiful Valerie, the real ‘Hostess with the Mostest’ gave a big thumbs up!

Light as a Feather DSC 0067 1


Light as a Feather DSC 0075

 Lulu chats it up with Nancy Rossi, daughter-in-law of Fermo Rossi, a delightful student of mine from years past and one of the most amazing men who ever was.  We all miss him!

Light as a Feather DSC 0076

 I’m going to sorely miss dear Lucia who is moving to Boston! Don’t know how she could part with her condo which graced the cover of Architectural Digest.  Anyway, good news is I have an open invitation to visit!

Light as a Feather DSC 0077

So here’s a precious story for you.  Twelve years ago, Lucia brought Desiree, her granddaughter, to class and she had the photo’s to prove it!

IMG 7051

IMG 7053

Sooooo cute!

IMG 7052And here we are today!

IMG 7054

Trudy just made it back in time from her cruise and Junnie does a tea toast! There aren’t enough thanks or perhaps not enough words to express how grateful I am to Junnie for being our official photographer.  Note to all:  Photo’s will be mailed out shortly.

Light as a Feather DSC 0080

 Delighted to see dear Kathy back from her travels!  Oh these gad-a-bouts!

Light as a Feather DSC 0194

Clara and Kathy are now sisters or at least extremely close first cousins!

IMG 7188

 Maggie just made it back from Europe……

Light as a Feather DSC 0197

 Sweetest of the Sweet Amy with her two precious daughters, Grace and Faith.  They will absolutely charm you as no other.

Light as a Feather DSC 0210 2

Lovely Amy also got an exquisite plate that had a very special meaning for her.IMG 7289

 When these two connected a few years back it was love at first sight.  The incomparable Lisa Bowman, dancer, singer, newscaster, writer….I think I’m leaving out a whole list but this will suffice.  Oh yes, heart song friend.

Light as a Feather DSC 0215

 Thanks to Lissi’s soul mate and all around mate Doug for filming the day and for all of his help in setting up!

Light as a Feather DSC 0228

Special thanks to Connor for being the very best valet ever!

IMG 7048

What…’s over?  No, let’s start all over!IMG 7320

As the sun set we lingered with the memory of a perfect day….IMG 7321

May all your days be ‘Light as a Feather’!IMG 7032

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