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O.K. everyone, this is how it is!

IMG 6801

Having a fun time in the studio lecturing to a group of Brandise University supporters ‘The Brandeis Gadabouts’.  What a great group!

IMG 6868

It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by artist and writer friends.  My dear Grace is not only a brilliant, gifted writer but a wonderful go-to person for terrific books to read.  We had a relaxing day on the patio with a note to self: Do this more often! Thank you Grace for that and for the joy of your friendship!

IMG 6973

How does our puppy get so dirty?  No problem now that we have Liz, our wonderful mobil dog groomer.  This is way easier than taking Kita to the groomers.

IMG 6989

Take a good look because clean doggie doesn’t stay this way for very long.

IMG 7011

We go in depth in the studio Landscape class.  Last session was a study of Bada Shanren with a dollop of Picasso’s methods thrown in!.

IMG 7357

I can always count on Lulu for being inspired and doing painting after wonderful painting all from that ‘magic’ paint dish of hers.  It fascinates me. Here we strike a Vanna White pose!!

IMG 7376

Time for a play date with beautiful Susi.  We chose the Roof Terrace at the Peninsula Hotel and it was a perfect day for it although I was dressed for winter.

IMG 7404

Sooooo lovely!

IMG 7398

Just as a lark I decided to take advantage of the marvelous spa they have at the Peninsula.  What a time I had.  Got soooo relaxed I had to sit in the ‘relaxation’ area for almost two hours until I could walk a straight line!

IMG 7441

In the ‘Living Room’ this pup was charming all the ladies having a late afternoon tea.

IMG 7442

All set with gifted Lissi Kaplan’s hand painted china!

IMG 7432

Moving on… moveable feast, time for lunch with dear Jean at Sweet Salt in Toluca Lake.  So yummy!

IMG 7566

O.K., so perhaps I overdo it on the eating but it’s so much fun…..This time with dear Amy at Julienne’s……I could move in there!

IMG 8468

You just have to see this magnificent floral creation at the California Club designed with a heart filled with love.  Amy did it again!

IMG 8395May each day show you new beauty!

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