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 …spent on the boat that Keith designed and built in Maine. It’s now harbored at Marina Del Rey.  Here’s a shot from CAPTAIN Keith’s drone.  Can you spot me in the orange top?

IMG 7548

Drone at rest……

IMG 7501

We all received the cleverest list of’ Pre-Boarding Instructions” from  Keith who was absolutely amazing and had all sorts of treats ordered from the California Yacht Club for us.

IMG 7454

The fresh shrimp is somewhere….IMG 7456

Krista was a bit overcome…..

IMG 7455

IMG 7460

 Off we go….staying inside the breakwater…..

IMG 7459

 The seals just love to hang out as do the pelicans…..

IMG 7468

 Can you believe I caught this one with a fish in it’s beak….

IMG 7473

Keith designed every detail of the boat and then built it in Maine.  WOW!!!  Thank you Captain Keith….You are truly amazing!

IMG 7477

 Is this going topside?

IMG 7482

 Here’s two of the sweetest….Amy and Clara….

IMG 7489

 Krista, Clara and adorable Penny….

IMG 7494

 Penny & Clara just left but there was time for a shot with First Mate Mary, Amy, Krista and Nikka…Keith called us his dream come true!  Soooo cute!!!

IMG 7506

 I love these two so much…..Beautiful Mary & Dr. Keith……

IMG 7503

Until next time…..IMG 7510

All the while, amazing Keith was planning a big birthday surprise for beautiful Mary to be held at Georgi Balddi’s right off of PCH.  I thought it best to have the amazing Connor drive me and wait to bring me home.  If you ever need a driver, he’s wonderful as Amy and Maggie will also testify.

IMG 7048

Happy, Happy Birthday Beautiful Mary! 💖IMG 7839

 The food was beyond description yummy with the servers bringing item after item until we begged for mercy! However, it’s all about the cake!

IMG 7869

May your life be a continual celebration!



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