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……began with a book signing brunch in Hancock Park.

IMG 8461The author, Lorri Antosz Benson, wrote a moving tale of giving up her daughter for adoption.  With a forward by Phil Donahue (Lorri is his producer) you’ll need a lot of Kleenex to get through this compelling book.

IMG 8457

IMG 8708

Kensington Caterers is amazing.  This was quite possibly the best brunch ever. 323.935.4300  IMG 8439

I must learn to behave myself!

IMG 8440

IMG 8446

 It was delightful having brunch poolside in the garden before Lorri’s talk. Being feted in such a beautiful home, feeling the love and admiration and good will of all reminds one of the things that truly matter and the importance of sharing what we’ve been given.  It was both joyful and inspiring.

IMG 8450

 That is of course before we all puddled up hearing Lorri’s story.  Kiki, our generous hostess to the right introduced her.

IMG 8452

Amy and I fell in love with this captivating artwork.  It’s actually a photograph and the title is….wait for it….’The Kiss’!IMG 8443

On to the birthday surprise.  Amy was driving my car and had no idea where we were going.  If you’ve ever ridden with Amy, you know what fun and what an adventure that is.  Anyway, we finally arrived at our destination…The Peninsula Hotel.  Surprise!  Spa time!!!IMG 7410

I even got my footsies done and after we both finished our ‘treatments’ we met in the ‘relaxation room’ for a birthday toast of champagne and our usual carrying on!IMG 8469

Have I mentioned the Spa has the most delicious Ginger Tea and it’s worth a trip just for that.  Also, little yummy mini muffins and nuts and dried fruit to nibble.IMG 8473

Time for dinner on The Roof Terrace.  A prize for anyone who can identify the person almost photobombing Amy.IMG 8482

 Does this help?

IMG 8477

 Here’s birthday cake/candle #1……but wait….there’s more…..

IMG 8505

The second cake in The Living Room…..Amy thought we were going home after dinner so this really was a surprise!

IMG 8520

 We had the most wonderful, kind server who picked out the best desert for us to send to the pianist who serenaded Amy for her birthday!

IMG 8514

 Antonio Castillo de la Gala, pianist and composer at The Peninsula Hotel. On youtube: L.A. Story Spotlight: Antonio Castillo de la Gala, Peninsula Beverly Hills  Go to and enter watch?v=ykd-fl8VMWs

IMG 8528

 Somehow, when you live joyfully the most amazing things happen.  Serendipity at it’s finest!  This moment as we were leaving The Peninsula was the icing on the cake.  Amy seeing one of her heroes, Vladimir Posner!  I think the whole day was meant for this one moment!!!  Happy Birthday dear Amy!

IMG 8533

May each day bring you such happiness as you live joyfully! 



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